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  • A Month After Alta Said Divvy Probably Wouldn’t Expand in 2014, CDOT Confirms It (Tribune)
  • To Soften the Blow, Mayor’s Office Releases Full Map of New Station Locations (DNA)
  • Alleged Bagman in RedFlex Bribery Scandal Is Cooperating With the Feds (Tribune)
  • Park Ridge Alderman Delay Installation of Additional Red Light Cams (Tribune)
  • 2 Hurt in Pileup on Tri-State Tollway Near Blue Island (Sun-Times)
  • Lawrence Avenue Road Diet Entering Its Final Phase (DNA)
  • Well, Owl Be Darned! 4th Grader’s Metra Safety Poster Offers Wise Advice (Tribune)
  • Bike Light Giveaway 7:30-9 P.M. Tonight at Irving Park & California (DNA)
  • RedEye Catches Wind of the AMA “No Bike Parking” Sign Fiasco
  • Timber! Bunyanesque Bike Thief Cuts Down Tree to Steal Fixie (RedEye)
  • John Discusses the Metra-Politan Perimeter Ride on Outside the Loop Radio

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  • Kevin M

    Is it accurate to say that Chicago will have the largest bike share system in North America after these stations are brought on-line? I understand that Chicago’s system will have more stations than any other city in North America, but does that make it the largest? How about number of bicycles?

    And, even going by stations, isn’t NYC looking to add stations? With its much larger urban footprint, isn’t it inevitable that NYC will eventually have far more stations than Chicago eventually?

    And, though it may not an element of calculating “largest”, isn’t NYC’s usage of their system much higher than Chicago’s?

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    I don’t care what ATA says about the legality of locking your bike to a tree on the parkway. It should be illegal. Hey couldn’t this guy have ridden around the neighborhood to find a more suitable place to lock his bike? Drivers often have to park blocks away from popular destinations.

  • Clark Wellington

    Do you care what the law says?

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Taxpayers have to pay to replace that tree.

  • Fred

    Terms like “biggest” and “smallest” are always subjective and require qualification. “Biggest bike share system in North America by stations” is accurate since it is qualified. Sort of like Alaska is the biggest state by land area, California is the biggest state by population, and Deleware is the biggest state by number of state universities who’s mascot is the Blue Hens.

  • SP_Disqus

    The article says, “It would become the largest bike-sharing program in North America in terms of number of stations” in order to specify how they are defining “largest” in that sentence.

  • duppie

    Nice case of victim blaming. The bicyclist locking his bike against the tree did not cause the tree to be felled. That is entirely the bike thief’s responsibility.

  • SP_Disqus

    It’s disappointing the station expansion is being delayed, but I’m more than happy with the value Divvy is providing so I’m willing to forgive a missed target. I hope they’ve been able to use the extra time to develop a smart implementation plan along with bettering their current operations skills. It’s been a great roll out so far and I have confidence they’ll do well in the next phase.

  • Dan Staggs

    And if only the people of Chicago were never robbed or assaulted, then the taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for detectives. If only there were never any fires, the taxpayer would never have to pay the fire department.

  • Not sure where ATA is getting their info about it being legal to lock bikes to city trees. Since it’s a bad idea to lock to trees due to the potential for theft and tree damage, I don’t believe there’s anything in the municipal code about this — unlike parking meters and sign poles.

    Bicyclists normally will not park their bikes blocks from their destination. It’s less secure, and it nullifies one of the main time advantages of cycling over driving — you don’t have to circle for a parking spot, and you can usually find one right near the front door. The exception is secure bike parking facilities with extra amenities, like showers and lockers, such as the Millennium Park bike station.

    Businesses who install bike racks far from the main entrance will find that most visitors who bike will instead choose to lock to signs, meters, and, yes, trees closer to the front door.

  • What the coverage so far hasn’t made clear is whether the post-bankruptcy PBSC (has it emerged?) is the supplier. I get the sense these are alternative suppliers.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    So I suppose if a business has the gumption to post a “no bike parking” sign on a tree on the parkway in front of their business said business will incur the wrath of the ATA.

  • As the REQX company takes over Alta Bicycle Sharing and Citibike operations, Citibike will likely expand stations to the number it was originally supposed to have before Hurricane Sandy ruined a bunch of them. I believe that number was 600 stations. So yeah, if NYC has 600 bike-share stations that will be greater than Chicago’s 475.

    Additionally, NYC currently has a higher docks per station count than Divvy. Even with the 175 new stations and 3,100 new docks Divvy plans to add next year Divvy’s ratio will still be lower. A low ratio means performance issues: full stations, which prevent you from ending a trip.

    Bike-share usage in NYC is several times that of Chicago, including on a per-bike level (this is a way to normalize for differences in system and membership size).


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