Today’s Headlines

  • Claypool: RTA Is Blocking Funds for CTA Transit Signal Prioritization Projects (Tribune)
  • Police Searching for Driver Who Injured 2 Workers on Elgin O’Hare Expressway (Herald)
  • CTA Preparing for Soaring Ridership During Air & Water Show (DNA)
  • Lots of Placemaking Events Going on This Weekend for “Old Place New Tracks” (MPC)
  • GIF Goodness: A Virtual Tour of Loyola’s New Pedestrian Walkway on Kenmore (DNA)
  • You’ll Relish This Vintage CTA Parody Video, “(What If God Was) On the Bus” (Tattler)
  • Brown Line Closed for Track Work From Western to Kimball This Weekend (DNA)
  • Memorial for Chainlink & Active Trans Volunteer Dan Brown Planned for August 21

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  • Anne A

    Love that parody video. Been riding the bus a lot more recently and experiencing the joys of bus bunching on the #36 and others.

  • Str0ng

    Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned intra-governmental agency pissing match to impede progress.

  • Kevin M

    Nice bus parody dig. It could be about just about any bus in the system.

    I credit Chicago’s overall inept bus system for helping to boost cycling (including Divvy) in this city. Any able-bodied person is usually better off on a bike than a CTA bus. I think this partially explains the downward trend in bus ridership. I can’t see it improving until *real* BRT comes on-line and/or the price of gasoline increases and sustains at a much higher price (thereby reducing the number of non-commercial drivers that clog the streets and slow the buses down).

  • Please tell me somebody got the Joan Osbourne album title pun. Last night I heard her new band Trigger Hippy on WXRT — the first time I’ve thought about her in years. Seeing this post in the Tattler today seemed like an amazing coincidence.

  • Anne A

    I’ve got a few of her tunes in a mix on my iPod. I always enjoy them when they come around. Thanks for the heads up on the new band. I should check them out.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Got the pun, John. :-) And I should also try to give Trigger Hippy a listen–I wasn’t aware of them either. Tips o’ the hat to John and to WXRT.

  • BlueFairlane

    I got it. I thought it was awesome.

  • Thanks guys. It’s nice to hear that my punmanship is appreciated.