Today’s Headlines

  • Mayor Lauds 22 Percent Drop in CTA Crime, But Ridership Is Also Down (RedEye)
  • Chicago Mag Ponders Chicago’s Transpo Future, With Input From Streetsblog
  • RedEye Takes a Look a the Lake Shore Drive Planning Process
  • Work Underway to Make North Avenue in Austin and Oak Park Safer for Peds (Active Trans)
  • Why Does Citi Bike Have More Than 4X the Ridership of Divvy? (DNA)
  • Finance Committee Proposes Renaming Water Tower Park After Jane Byrne (Tribune)
  • Alt Cycle, Specializing in Cargo & E-Bikes, Opens in Lincoln Park (DNA)
  • Active Trans’ 4 Star Bike & Chow Ride Will Tour the South Side This Year (DNA)
  • Chicago Bike Mom Takes Her Kids Urban Camping Via Her Long-Tail Cycle

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  • duppie

    While I wish Alt-Cycle the best, I doubt that cargo bike will become mainstream soon as the article suggests

    Chicago has a history of failed cargo-bike shops (Copenhagen Cyclery, the one in Old Town whose name eludes me), and the successful ones (J.C. Lind) survive by selling lifestyle bikes (Linus bikes come to mind) in addition to pure cargo bikes.

    And yes, I do have a cargo bike myself, so I am aware of what it can do.

  • DFD

    What’s the status of transit future proposal?

    I’ve only heard the initial rollout with no real update since. I find it hard to believe that it’s unlikely, per Chicago Mag, since every major civic organization and politician have supported it. I’m assuming they’ll broach the tax increase after the election?

  • They’re amazing, but so expensive.

  • Str0ng

    Its garbage. $300 million for some silly bike skyway?

  • DFD

    I’m talking about the EL expansion. That was a proposal announced by Emanuel and Preckwinkle back in April and it has been pretty mute since.

  • Hope to have an update soon.

  • Anne A

    “Expensive” is a relative thing. If you can afford the purchase price and are using it in place of a car, it’s actually cheap by comparison.

  • Christine Price

    I want a cargo bike so badly, but one of the reasons I don’t have one is storage. I live in an apartment; where is it going to go? I certainly don’t want to leave it outside, subject to thieves and weather. And it’s not like I need one very frequently anyway; I don’t have a family.

    It would be nice to join some sort of “cargo bike share.” Cargo bike time share? I don’t know. But there could be a small collection of cargo bikes, and for $100 a year you get a certain number of credits, and different times of day/week would have different costs….

    Basically, I want a cargo bike. But because of space and cost and lack of necessity, I don’t have a cargo bike.

  • jared

    Downside is it seems like you pretty much need a garage if you’re going to own one of these.

  • A pretty decent basic-transportation bike can be bought (and upgraded as necessary, in the case of a secondhand bike with run-down parts) and put into working use for well under $400. There are no cargo bikes that start that cheap, and i’ve never seen one on the garage sale/thrift store/used bike market (because, presumably, once you buy one you keep it and love it forever).

    A $2200 serious cargo bike is cheaper than a junker car, yes, but most people aren’t approaching a purchase and going, “Car or bike? Car or bike?” They generally either have a car already and are going to replace some trips with the cargo bike, or have a (non-cargo) bike already and want to upgrade their cargo capacity.

    To put this into context, $400 is two months’ groceries for my family of three. $2200 is nearly A YEAR of groceries for our family.

  • Anne A

    Point taken.