Today’s Headlines

  • Helmet Rentals Could Come to a Divvy Dock Near You (ABC7)
  • Continuing Metra Budget Woes Could Force 2015 Fare Hike (Tribune)
  • Public Meeting On Thursday About PBLs Along Clybourn’s “Bobby Cann Way” (Active Trans)
  • Ashland/Pershing Flyover Removal Proceeding On Time, On Budget (DNA)
  • Smog Alerts Accompany This Week’s Heat Wave (Tribune)
  • Blue Cross Members Can Buy Divvy Memberships For $65 Next Week (PRNews via INN)
  • A Look Into The Bloomingdale/606’s History & Future (Active Trans) 

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  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    Wow I hope Metra officials aren’t trying to compare their fares to the LIRR.

    The LIRR has outrageously high fares due to the public union labor racket that goes on there. Plenty of LIRR employees have been jailed for scamming millions of dollars. There work rules ensure the most inefficient way of doing things, and exist soley to scam the tax payer out of more and more. Meanwhile the democrats who they bribed during election season continue to “negotiate” with them by giving them fat raises.

    Metra has been plagued by incompetency and rampant corruption for several decades now. They refuse to cut labor costs while ticket takers rake in six figures for doing little work.

    The insanely high male to female ratio of ticket takers is just further evidence of this old boy network public union protection racket.

    Cut Metra labor costs to the bone, reduce salaries to a market rate, and then discuss raising fares. This would require Illinois democrats to say no to public union donations, but good luck with that.

  • Mishellie

    I volunteer as tribute to be a female ticket taker. 100,000 please and thank you. (I kid. mostly.)