Today’s Headlines

  • New Retail Complex at CTA Garage Site Will Include 366 Car Spots, 50 Bike Spaces (DNA)
  • Man Fatally Struck While Walking on Section of Golf Road With No Sidewalks (Tribune)
  • Off-Duty Waukegan Police Officer Killed in Single-Car Crash (Tribune)
  • 4 Kids Hurt When SUV Driver Hits Horse-Drawn Carriage; No Charges Filed (Tribune)
  • After Montrose Beach Melee, Cappleman Wants Fewer Car Parking Spots (Tribune)
  • Roughly a Third of the CTA’s 145 ‘L’ Stations Aren’t Wheelchair Accessible (RedEye)
  • Developer Wants to Move Bus Stop, On-Street Parking to Accommodate Garage (DNA)
  • Arlington Heights Developing New Bike Plan (Active Trans)
  • Chicago Bike Controversies Highlighted in Somewhat Tone-Deaf USA Today Piece
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Grant Park Skate Park (DNA)
  • Meeting Tonight to Discuss North Branch River Works Plan (DNA)
  • Bike Uptown Celebrates Broadway PBLs at 6:30 p.m. Tonight at Montrose/Broadway (DNA)

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  • Pat

    Re: Man Fatally Struck While Walking on Section of Golf Road With No Sidewalks

    “The victim was wearing dark clothing.”

    Great victim blaming. Did the driver have his headlights on? What speed was he traveling?

  • ohsweetnothing

    Re: That terrible USA Today piece

    “U.S. Census data show cycling to work is more popular with Americans in lower-income households than it is with the wealthy. A larger percentage of Hispanics and multiracial Americans bike to work than do whites and African-Americans, according to the data.”

    I’m sure there’s a good reason a sentence about actual collected data is buried at the very end of a lengthy article full of how angry and awful people FEEL about bikes. I just can’t think of that reason.

    Also I love that the Jefferson Park stretch of Milwaukee is a very busy road now.

  • duppie

    Re: Mariano’s

    The Mariano’s parking garage sounds like a lot, but how may parking spaces does the Jewel further north on Broadway have? How about the Whole Foods on North Halsted?

  • FG

    Plus there will be a gym (though you would think people could walk or pedal to that…) above the parking lot.

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    People forget that.

    Would it be possible to have the developer allow for a temporary 3rd lane by cutting into the lot and having the bus stop there?

  • FG

    You mean the building lot or the parking lot?

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    Whatever it taeks.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    Like a bus pullout – the type of bus infrastructure that slows busses down tremendously? No thanks.

  • In moderate to heavy traffic, drivers are often reluctant to let a bus pull back into a lane if they’ve pulled out of traffic entirely.

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    This is based on nothing, nor does it prove anything about bus times being significantly impacted.

  • Elliott’s observation isn’t based on nothing.

    The engineering response to this issue has been to create bumpouts and islands for bus stops so that the bus doesn’t have to leave traffic.

    I found data from a study of TriMet bus service. The mean dwell time is 12.29 seconds.

    San Francisco Muni buses allows rear-door boardings at some stops and on some routes, which can drastically reduce dwell time.

  • Where are you going with this question? Let’s assume Jewel has the same number the developer is proposing for Mariano’s/LA Fitness: 246.

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    12 seconds? What percent of that is the bus actually ready to go and simply being stuck?

  • The bus just stopping in its own lane tends to lead to drivers screaming that they have to wait behind a stopped bus — unless it’s a lane the bus is allowed to use and cars aren’t, of course.

  • Good question – I didn’t read that far into the study. I have a feeling that most buses in the Portland, Oregon, area don’t deal with as much car congestion as Chicago does.