Today’s Headlines

  • Truck Driver Kills 28-Year-Old Cyclist in Right Hook Crash at Cicero/Belmont (DNA, Keating)
  • 4 Killed, 13-Year-Old Boy Injured in Bridgeview Crash (Tribune)
  • 2 Killed, 1 Injured When Driver Fleeing Police Crashes in South Deering (Sun-Times)
  • LSD Crash Kills Man, Critically Injures 2 Other People (Tribune)
  • Cyclist Writes Open Letter to the Guy Who Said He Wished She’d Get Hit by a Semi (Chicagoist)
  • CDOT Rolling Out 13 More Speed Cam Locations (DNA)
  • An Update on 2 Major Red Line Station Projects (Tattler)
  • Chicago Green Score App Factors in Access to Transit, Bike Facilities (DNA)
  • City Has Wrongly ticketed Hundreds of Drivers Who Used Parking Meter App (DNA)

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  • I understand that the open letter was written in the context of a pedestrian-cyclist conflict but, really it sounds like the guy is just a prick. Who the hell wishes that upon someone unless you’re a total a-hole?

    An overwhelming majority of the pedestrians and other bikers i interact with are respectful to each other and generally apologetic when they realize they made a mistake. I tend to find those people who are less confident in their ability are more conciliatory when those situations arise; especially with the large amounts of people taking Divvies and city biking for the first time. While this is a very imperfect comparison, I’d equate it a little to the power of LGBT people coming out. It’s pretty hard to be mean to people you know. As more people bike, the more empathetic the general population becomes. But there are always going to be a-holes.

  • Anne A

    I came across the aftermath of that Bridgeview crash not long after it happened. My sympathy to the family and friends of the victims, and especially to the teenage survivor in the vehicle that was hit by the speeding car.

  • Fred
  • jeff wegerson

    Speed Cameras. Congestion on the Lakefront Bicycle Path. Set the speed limit on the right hand lane of LSD to 20mph and allow bikers who can do at least 12mph (15?) onto the middle of the lane like a car and require car passers to use the second lane.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    What a weird story. Yelling at pedestrians to get out of the way, and then getting off your bike to scold pedestrians???? I’m sure the pedestrians were aghast at the presumptuousness. The pedestrians probably didn’t need to say what they said to the cyclist, however, the cyclist should realize upon occasion you will meet with obstructions in the road or other hazards, and slowing down to avoid them is a common occurance for all road travelers. As a pedestrian I hate climbing over the snow and ice dams that block intersections in the winter.

    Although she claims be be diminutive and kept her calm, many a road rager starts out that way. And playing the weak and mild biker versus the businessman tries my patience. Hey, what’s wrong with cyclists having to slow down occasionally and exercise due care in roadway?

  • We made a decision not to cover pedestrian fatalities that occur on expressways, since these cases aren’t relevant to our mission of improving conditions for biking, walking, and transit.