Today’s Headlines

  • After Today, Ventra Transition Will Be Complete (Tribune)
  • CTA Finishes Orange Line Connector Project (DNA)
  • Division Bridge at East End of Goose Island Closed for Reconstruction (Sun-Times)
  • ‘L’ Trains Bypassed Belmont Station During Pride Parade for “Safety Reasons” (NBC)
  • Metra BNSF Train Hit Bridge Timber Saturday, Causing Delays (Tribune)
  • Here’s Why the Milwaukee Safety Overall Won’t Cause Carmaggedon (Active Trans)
  • CTA Selling building at 1044 W. Newport That Housed Electrical Substation (DNA)
  • Sports Car Driver Injures 52-Year-Old Cyclist in Schaumburg, Flees the Scene (Tribune)
  • Belding Elementary Encouraging Kids to Bike to School (Active Trans)
  • To Celebrate System’s 1-Year Anniversary, #DivvyRed Is Back — With Sweet Prizes (DNA)
  • The Parking Meter Geek & His Readers Grouse About Critical Mass (Expired Meter)

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  • Fred

    Division St: “A fixed-span interim bridge will be installed, to be replaced eventually by a permanent bascule bridge.”


  • What are you confused about?

  • Fred

    Why are they replacing the bridge twice?

    Edit: And why are they installing a movable bridge here? I thought they were no longer in use on the north branch. The Halsted bridge just south of here is fixed and so is the North Ave bridge. Is this bridge much lower than those 2 or something?

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    Critical mass also blocks cyclists and pedestrians. People forget that. And its far more of a hassle to take a detour while on foot than in a car.

  • Kevin M

    To your first question: When the North Ave. bridge was replaced a few years ago, they also used a temporary bridge for awhile. I am no civil engineer, but my guess is that they need to work (re)building the bridge supports at the ends for the new bridge before they install it, and they can’t do this work with the current bridge in place.

    In other words, I don’t think this project is as simple as just dropping a new bridge where the old one sat. For starters, the new bridge will probably be wider than the current bridge–and therefore it will need different supports than the current bridge.

  • Mishellie

    ITs less than 10 minutes.

  • Corn Dog Aficionado

    So anarchy in the streets is okay as long as it stays at or under 10 minutes?

  • Mishellie

    … Yeah. Its a protest to some, so maybe just chose to think of it that way.

  • forensicgarlic

    Or a parade. Pride lasted 4 hours + yesterday.

  • Roland Solinski

    I think bascule is a typo, unless CDOT is covertly planning to widen/refurbish the old structure.

  • Mishellie

    Well some people probably think that’s anarchy in the streets too. Unfortunately.