Uninsured Motorist Kills Senior in Jefferson Park

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The 5900 block of North Elston from the driver’s perspective.

A 45-year-old woman struck and killed Joseph Kubica, 77, early Saturday morning in the Jefferson Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

Around 12:50 a.m., Kubica was walking across the street on the 5900 block of North Elston, according to Officer José Estrada from Police News Affairs. The driver was heading southeast on Elston when she struck him, Estrada said. Kubica, who lived on the 5300 block of North Luna, was pronounced dead at the scene at 1:10 a.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Police said alcohol was not a factor in the crash. The driver was cited with striking a pedestrian and driving without insurance.

Fatality Tracker: 2014 Chicago pedestrian and bicyclist deaths

Pedestrian: 15 (5 were hit-and-run crashes)
Bicyclist: 1 (1 was a hit-and-run crash)

  • rohmen

    Truly a tragic incident, and I only comment because this is the exact type of situation which demonstrates why it may be a good idea for people to consider some type of personal insurance policy that insurers against bodily injury caused by an uninsured/underinsured motorist, even if they don’t own a car. If you cycle on the street on a regular basis (which most readers here do I’m sure), you run the risk of getting hit by this type of driver.

    I’ve luckily only been involved in two or three minor traffic collisions in this City; but one of those times involved an uninsured motorist who was clearly at fault, and since (luckily) only property damage was involved, the police were completely unwilling to even come to the scene and cite the driver.

  • Anne A

    If one does not own a car and is looking for such a policy, ask for a non-owner auto policy and make sure that it includes UM (uninsured motorist) / UIM (underinsured motorist) coverage. The UM/UIM part is VERY important. If you do own a car, review your coverage and consider adding UM/UIM. Medical payments coverage is helpful as well, especially if you don’t have health insurance.

    I work at a personal injury law firm. For some of our bike and ped clients, UM coverage may be the ONLY source of coverage for what may be catastrophic medical bills. If someone is seriously hurt in a hit and run case, having UM coverage can make a huge difference.

    When a driver has only a minimum policy ($20K) and the victim has medical bills much higher than that, UIM coverage can save the day.

  • rohmen

    Thanks for the follow up comment. Couldn’t remember the industry name for the insurance instrument when I was writing the post, but a nonowned auto policy is definitely what I was thinking of.

    Though I would caution any cyclists getting nonowned coverage to be up front and discuss exactly how they will use it and want they want to protect with an agent. I haven’t looked at many nonowned policies in detail, but policies can be written in strange ways at times by certain insurers, and you want to make sure you have a policy that will actually cover you even when you’re not operating a motor vehicle.

  • Anne A

    Very good point. Clarifying that with the agent is worthwhile. You don’t want to $pend on a policy that has odd loopholes and won’t give you what you need.


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