Today’s Headlines

  • Did You Bike To Work Today? Bicycle Commuter Challenge Continues All Week [Active Trans]
  • Ontario Bridge Demolition Sped Up, “Carmageddon” “Not That Bad” [Sun-Times]
  • The Bronzeville Bike Box Opened On Sunday [Bike Box]
  • Citizens Taking Action Ranks Wards By Transit Availability [DNAinfo]
  • Uninsured Driver Kills 77-Year-Old Pedestrian Crossing Elston In Jefferson Park [Sun-Times]
  • Police Renew Call For Leads In Hit-and-Run That Killed Carissa Hinz [DNAinfo]
  • Metra Engineers Approve New 7-Year Contract [Tribune]
  • Want To Invest In CTA? Bonds Go On Sale Wednesday [Bond Buyer]
  • City Releases RFQ For Milwaukee Avenue Redesign [PDF]
  • Alderman Announces Five New Divvy Docks For 47th Ward [DNAinfo]
  • Join Free “Bike The Burbs” Ride Down Prairie Path On June 29 [Active Trans]

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  • ohsweetnothing

    The RedEye had an article about Chicagoans ditching cars this morning:,0,3686045.story

    This excerpt annoyed me:

    “Lauren Neal, 29, of Lincoln Park, rides the CTA to her job in the Loop, but uses her car to visit her family in Winnetka and tote her golden retriever around town—a convenience she has no plans of giving up, she said. But she often worries about cyclists behaving aggressively when she crosses their paths.
    “I’ve had people slam their hand on my car,” Neal said. “Even as a pedestrian, I’ve almost bumped into a biker because they haven’t stopped at a stop.”
    Last month, a cyclist punched her side mirror as he passed her car, which was momentarily waiting in a bicycle lane on Clybourn Avenue, she said. “I don’t know why that is anything he thought was appropriate.”

    I don’t advocate for escalating conflicts to something physical, but she seems completely oblivious as to why cyclists would be upset at her “momentarily” stopping in a bike lane. Even funnier when put against the prior sentence where she’s complaining about cyclists’ conduct.

  • Mishellie

    Exactly. And IDK about other cyclists… but I wouldn’t ever touch someone’s car unless they had somehow scared the shit out of me and I was trying to get back on balance or let them know that being in my wingspan is dangerous. If this is happening to her “all the time” it says more about her as a driver than about cyclists.

  • Kevin M

    That’s one expensive dog.

  • Kevin M

    Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago Business wrote a nice op-ed in defense of the growing trend of commuter/utilitarian cycling in Chicago:

  • ridonrides

    Yeah I bet there was no signaling or warning that she was going to be “momentarily stopped in a bike lane.” Also it probably hurt that guy’s hand more than it hurt her car, so that was dumb on his part.

  • What does an aldermanic “announcement” of new Divvy stations mean? Is this an alderman generating a news story on a slow day or is the next wave of installations really about to start?

  • Gruden’s Grinders

    It’s them patting themselves on the back for bringing home the pork.

  • I’m always curious where people are bringing their dogs to so often they need a car… she may have a perfectly logical excuse. If you live in LP though there is no shortage of vets, supply stores, sitting facilities, or obedience schools. My dog isn’t as big as a golden, but I can cart him around in a trailer if I need to go anywhere further than a two-mile walk in a hurry.

  • Installations are not close to starting because CDOT & Divvy haven’t been able to order equipment because the bankruptcy stuff is still being figured out.

    Aldermen make these announcements because CDOT is in the midst of getting the locations approved by them. CDOT said last Wednesday that half had been approved so far.

  • Steve have you seen any new reporting on the status of the bankruptcy?

  • Anne A

    It really kills me when I see people in my neighborhood who live maybe 1/2 mile from our big local park putting their dogs in the car and driving to the park.

  • lindsaybanks

    I often wish I had a car to bring my dog to the Montrose Beach Dog Park, or to the giant open space for dogs in Lake Forest. But we occasionally have a rental, can use I-go, and we could take a cab. Still haven’t done it! I guess we’re cheap in that way. We walk our dog to daycare on occasion and it seems like everyone else is dropping off via car on their way to work. Whenever we arrive somewhere on foot with our dog that is over 1 mile away, people seem amazed that we walked that far…! Also, we tried a bike trailer and it was a total failure.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, September 28

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