Today’s Headlines

  • Mother of Girl Fatally Struck by Bus Driver Is Suing the CTA (Sun-Times, NBC)
  • CDOT Launches Construction of Sidewalk Bike Lanes on Roosevelt (DNA)
  • Looks Like Durbin Has Scored $120 Million for Red/Purple Rehab (Crain’s)
  • Blue and Green Line Disruptions This Weekend for Construction (DNA)
  • Arlington Heights Holding Series of Meetings on New Bike Plan (Tribune)
  • CLA Launches #CitySeats, Pritzker Park Activization (DNA)
  • Ex-Cabbie: Taxi Industry Needs to Catch Up With Technology (Newcity)
  • After Year of Construction, Milwaukee Reopens From Addison to Irving (DNA)
  • Fox River Trail Underpass at I-90 to Close Until Late 2016 (Tribune)
  • Why the Bloomingdale Access Point on Drake May be a Mistake (BWLS)
  • Chicago Triathlon Will Use Lake Shore Drive, Lower Wacker, Divvies (Tribune)

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  • The ex-cabbie article is fascinating. Apparently drivers rate riders? I’d like to know what my profile says.

  • I love HailO — it’s everything getting a cab should be in the 21st century. I don’t know why the cab companies didn’t start doing it on their own beforehand, ti saves them a lot of dispatcher time.

  • Why does the Roosevelt path have to transition from “gold standard” to “meh” in the worst place possible? (in front of a CTA stop)

  • Someone will correct me if i’m wrong but, I think it has to do with IDOT/CDOT jurisdictional boundaries. The same situation happens east of Indiana Ave. It stinks that there isn’t a slick bike lane connection planned to the lakefront trail. I would venture that the underpasses at Roosevelt are probably the most used access point to the lakefront in the central area if not the city. Basically… CDOT=Good, IDOT=Bad

  • Mishellie

    Because playing leapfrog with busses is fun and keeps you on your toes? /s

  • Karen Kaz

    I use Hailo too, and asked my driver about it once to see if he liked it. He said personally he liked it a lot, because the money went directly into his bank account which made it easier to save, vs. always having tons of cash on him.

  • Roland Solinski

    If I read the article correctly, it’s not the “underpass” on the Fox River Trail that’s closing, it’s the trail bridge on the underside of the highway bridge. Trail users will be able to continue across/beneath the highway but they won’t be able to cross the river. Good news for an important regional trail.