Today’s Headlines

  • Chicago’s Ride-Share Ordinance Passes (Sun-Times, DNA)
  • Police: Thefts of Electronic Gadgets on CTA Are Down 36% (RedEye)
  • Divvy Experimenting With “Valet Service” at Busy Stations (RedEye)
  • Pothole Repairs & Damage Claims Are at Record Levels (Expired Meter)
  • West Town Merchants Recruited for Bike-Friendly Business Program (DNA)
  • John Kass Turns Pedestrian Safety Advocate (Tribune)
  • Reilly Introduces Ordinance to Crack Down on Segway Tours (Sun-Times)
  • Walking, Biking & Transit Modeshare Boost City’s Fitness Ranking (Chicagoist)
  • First “Activate” People Alley Event of Season Draws 1,500-Plus People (MPC)
  • 500 Kids Participated in Bike to School Day in NW Suburban District (Active Trans)

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  • Anne A

    I’ve been noticing the Divvy valet service, mostly at the Federal Plaza. They’re doing a great job of keeping bikes available at evening rush hour and docks available at morning rush hour.

  • Ryan Wallace

    The Divvy valet service is SORELY needed at night and weekend Cubs games. For a recent game (a Tuesday night vs Yankees), I had to go to 5 stations before finding a spot. At that point it would have been less work just to walk. I followed/observed at least a dozen other riders struggling to find an available docking station. At one point I considered rounding up all the wandering riders, dropping all our bikes at the full station closest the Wrigley, and calling the service line to tell them to pick them up when they have some time.

  • Valet service is probably an expensive service to provide and may not be sustainable long-term.

    The long-term solution is better bikeway infrastructure and comfortable bike routes so people use their own bikes. Do you know if the bike valet is well-used?

  • Ryan Wallace

    I would argue the better long term service is expansion of the system as the demand dictates. Even if we have a great bikeway infrastructure and comfortable routes, that may only serve to increase the popularity of the Divvy system. Certain trips are simply better served by a Divvy bike rather than a personal bike.

    I have never been served by the Divvy valet, but I have had several instances where it was obvious that one would be needed. I think they are an easily flexible way to temporarily increase the capacity of a station while true expansion in planned.

    My beef probably just comes down the the fact that the station at Waveland and Clark is just too small, it should be at least twice that size (over the summer). Maybe my eyes are just more open to it, but the Divvy station there, the bike racks, and the Cubs bike check are extremely well used. After the game there is such a long line to get your bike back that people are opting just to lock there bikes to nearby racks instead of waiting.