Young Girl Fatally Struck By CTA Bus Driver

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The 7700 block of South Shore Drive from the driver’s perspective.

Yesterday around 3:20 p.m., a 19-month-old girl was struck and killed by a CTA bus driver in the South Shore neighborhood. The girl, Cherish C. Meyers, was with a group of people celebrating Memorial Day on the 7700 block of South Shore Drive, near Rainbow Beach, police said. According to witnesses, Meyers’ mother briefly left her in the care of a neighbor, who turned away for a moment as the girl ran off, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Meyers ran off the curb on the east side of the street as the operator of a #6 Jackson Park Express bus was driving north, police said. The driver attempted to swerve around the girl, but the side of the articulated bus struck her, according to police. Meyers was transported to the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. The driver was also taken to the hospital for observation, police said.

No citations have been made; Major Accidents is investigating the case, according to Officer José Estrada from News Affairs. As of this morning, the CTA had not released details about the crash or the driver, but Spokesman Steve Mayberry said the transit authority is conducting its own investigation, the Tribune reported.

Fatality Tracker: 2014 Chicago pedestrian and bicyclist deaths

Pedestrian: 14 (5 were hit-and-run crashes)
Bicyclist: 0

  • Fulton Vortex

    this headline should read “unsupervised child ran into busy street and was hit by a bus” put the responsibility where it belongs

  • Fred

    I agree. This isn’t a case of tragedy due to reckless driver behavior; this is a tragic parenting fail. Pedestrians can be at fault for auto/pedestrian incidents too.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    And because it was an articulated bus, there was little chance for the driver to steer out of it. In some respects pedestrian death statistics can’t tell the full story. Slow zones, speed cameras, pedestrian islands and road diets can be helpful for safety, but they will never completely end pedestrian deaths. Pedestrians making illegal crossings, children accidently running into the roadway and of course the worst menace, impared/drunk drivers, can almost never be prevented no matter how well plans are implemented.

  • Obviously, fatalities involving drunk drivers can be reduced by lowering the legal blood alcohol content, better enforcement and stiffer penalties, as is the case in other countries that have much lower DUI rates.

  • Fred

    “lowering the legal blood alcohol content”
    I call BS on that. You honestly believe lowering the BAC limit to .06 or .04 would have kept Ryne San Hamel or Robert Vais off the road? No f@cking chance.

  • FG

    Having lived in countries with stricter laws regarding DUI it can and does work, but it would require respect for authority and rule of law which doesn’t exist in the US (we’ve gotten a tad bit narcissistic of late, I suppose I could add).

  • Pete

    In the vast majority of fatal DUIs, the drivers BAC is well over the legal limit. Lowering limits will have no effect here. Many problem drunks will continue to drink and drive regardless of the law. Aside from keeping them in jail, I’m not sure what can be done to keep them from driving drunk.

  • markcwells

    I’m not sure our authorities and laws deserve our respect at this point. Between the Patriot Act, domestic surveillance, and the failed war on drugs, many people are disillusioned with our government and our laws. Lowering the limit to .04 would only make this worse. The penalties are pretty stiff right now. It’s also very frowned upon in the younger generation. It’s just going to take time before people stop doing it.


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