Today’s Headlines

  • After ABC Expose, Rahm Promises His Drivers Will Slow Down (Tribune, DNA)
  • Mayor: Meter Reboot Is Saving City Tens of Millions in “True-Up” Fees (DNA)
  • City Credits Security Cams With Fewer Thefts on CTA (Tribune)
  • Driver Charged in Vehicular Homicide of Antonio Mendez (Tribune, DNA)
  • Car Fire in Garage Sends Smoke Into LSD Apartments (Tribune)
  • Police Announce DUI Sting in Englewood This Weekend (DNA)
  • Citizens Propose Improvements to LSD Purpose & Need Statement (BWLP)
  • Project Seeks to Fix Dangerous Conditions Around Logan Monument (DNA)
  • Pulaski Streetscape Between Wilson and Elston to Include Wider Sidewalks (DNA)
  • CDOT Workers Caught Parking Illegally (CBS)
  • RedEye Launches “Ride of Passage” CTA Comics Series

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  • ohsweetnothing

    “CDOT Workers Caught Parking Illegally”

    I get the fake outrage that article aims to generate, and maybe I’d be outraged too if I didn’t see scores of cars and trucks parking illegally everyday without consequence. So really, nothing to see here…

  • Cash Rules Everything

    a fire hydrant violation will draw you in a ticket, if you’re a common folk.

  • ohsweetnothing

    A fire hydrant violation will draw you in a ticket, if you’re a common folk…that gets caught…by an officer that bothers to care…and you don’t have your emergencies on.

  • Nice catch on the Pulaski streetscape story — I live here and it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

  • Having read the article, that photo they’re using is from nowhere near Pulaski (and it’s not currently torn up; I drove on it twice today). This part of Pulaski doesn’t have verdant tree-lawns like that photo shows.

  • Kevin M

    Hey SBC, check out this thorough story on the history (and status) of the 35th St. pedestrian bridge replacement over LSD:,0,3982565.column

    The story also contains some information on other LSD pedestrian bridge replacement projects that await progress.

  • rohmen

    I’m pretty outraged by this type of stuff, actually. Unlike the CPD article on here last week, where a bunch of pics were posted with absolutely no context as to what the cops were actually up to while parked illegally, you have evidence of two city vehicles illegally parking on Kingsbury to almost definitely go grab lunch at whole foods. That’s something worth getting ticked about.

    And trust me, plenty of my friends have gotten tickets for parking in front of a hydrant or in a loading zone, so I don’t buy that people in private vehicles are parking illegally all over the City and not getting caught.

  • I’m even more outraged to hear that city workers are getting their lunch from Whole Paycheck. Someone needs to buy them a copy of The Streets and San Man’s Guide to Chicago Eats:

  • ohsweetnothing

    So I assume that your friends also mention to you everytime they park in front of a hydrant or in a loading zone and don’t get ticketed?
    I agree that the driver’s behavior in the article merits a ticket. My point is so does every driver that does what the City employee did. Traffic enforcement in this City is lax…to be charitable.
    …and before anyone has a fit about this, yes I’m referring to ALL modes of transportation. Even bikes.

  • rohmen

    While I’d be inclined to agree that this City is lax in things like DUI, speeding and other moving violations, I disagree that this City is all that lax in enforcement of parking offenses when compared to other major cities.

    In a city this size, of course people get away with parking in a loading zone or a fire hydrant at times. Big brothers isn’t constantly watching us waiting to swoop down the second a driver parks illegally. People do routinely get tickets for those offenses, however.

    People may often get away with it, but that’s the point of setting the ticket at a pretty painful amount. The one time you get burned makes it sting enough that you start to consider whether it’s worth the risk.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I think we can both agree that people often get away with such violations. It sounds like we’re debating what that means. Is that fair?

    If private vehicles often get away with these violations, why is it worse when a City vehicle gets away with the same violation? Especially here, when the City worker’s vehicle gets reported to his superiors for it?

    In my opinion the only reason CBS posts this story is that it feeds into the “corrupt City cronyism” narrative. It’s easy and it’s lazy. City vehicles do in fact get ticketed and the employee signed in as driving is responsible for the fine.

    Now if a cop came into the picture and said “This is a City vehicle, no way am I ticketing them!” THAT would be a major problem and very newsworthy.

  • rohmen
  • what_eva

    flashers do *not* help at all. The PEAs will ticket you with flashers on. I had a hearing officer tell me I probably shouldn’t leave my flashers on, as PEAs can hear flashers from blocks away… (I contended I was unloading, not parked, he didn’t agree, I was at the end of a block, not blocking a hydrant)

  • ohsweetnothing

    I’ll give you that 1) That link is more newsworthy than this story and 2) my evidence isn’t much better (anecdotal from a City employee friend who was fretting about the tickets his/her employees were racking up in city vehicles).

    I’ll contend that 1) That link is framed in a pretty misleading manner (basically “there’s probably a simple explanation for this, but since the City won’t verify I’m gonna assume the worst”) and 2) it still doesn’t prove why the CBS story is at all newsworthy…to me at least.