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  • Dave

    Any follow-up to the meeting held a couple nights ago in Lincoln Park regarding the North Lake Shore Drive redevelopment? I’m curious to know if they were able to make any improvements to the Purpose and Need statement.

  • Anne A

    I’ll be curious to see more details of this Wells-Wentworth proposal. In its current configuration, the intersection of 18th & Wentworth has had some bike-car crashes involving turning drivers. I wonder if proposal will address that safety issue.

  • King

    DAE think that the new road should just be a giant bike path instead?

  • I also want to see designs of the Wells/Wentworth extension. It’s a new road through completely undeveloped land. If there isn’t a separated, elevated cycletrack as part of the plan AND separated sidewalks, Chicago isn’t trying anywhere near hard enough.

  • Fred

    The rendering on the CDOT site does appear to show bike lanes, but not the gold standard cycle track you are seeking. Only the northern half of this project is on undeveloped land. The southern portion is a fixing/realigning of the existing Wentworth Ave.
    This is a multi-year project with the northern portion only being completed along with development of the vacant area. It would be nice if the city would just install a temporary strip of mixed use trail to use in the meantime.

  • Fedor Manin

    I’m confused about the Wentworth redesign they’re showing on the website. Would it not make more sense to reroute it through the parking lot onto the on ramp, instead of through several buildings onto Wentworth-south-of-Cermak?

  • The entire point of the redesign is to make Wentworth-south-of-Cermak (a) connect back up to the downtown street grid in a way that makes a useful connection, and (b) turn the Wentworth/Cermak intersection into less of an insanely wide and confusing doglegged deathtrap.

  • Fedor Manin

    Right, so my idea was to take care of (b) by turning what’s now quasi-three intersections into two intersections, which is the same that this is doing. I didn’t realize that (a) was desirable — Wentworth-south-of-Cermak seems too narrow, touristy, full of pedestrians to funnel more cars to. I thought the other point was providing a better connection from the South Loop to the onramp.

  • More cars qua more cars isn’t a problem — if they don’t speed and they act in a neighborly fashion there’s no reason to prevent them from coming (and parking in that lot so their people can walk around and become pedestrians). The connector also un-cul-de-sacs the area at the north end, up by River City, which is massively confusing to navigate right now, and will probably encourage people to use Ping Tom Park, which right now you kind of already have to know about and know how to get to to have any chance of finding it.