Today’s Headlines

  • Blue Line’s O’Hare Station Reopens a Week After Collision (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • CTA, Kelly Argue Over the Number of Hours O’Hare Crash Driver Worked (Tribune)
  • Nodding Off Is a Much More Common Problem on the Road Than on the Rails (Tribune)
  • Santa Cruz Hires Clifford, Saving IL Taxpayers More Than $200K in Severance (CBS)
  • Police: Man Found in Avondale Alley May Have Been Struck by a Driver (Tribune)
  • Cyclist in Critical Condition After Driver Left-Hooked Him on NW Side (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Seriously Injures Female Pedestrian in Norwood Park (Tribune)
  • Will the Southeast Metra Line Ever Get Built? (
  • Participatory Budgeting Election Coming Up in 49th Ward (DNA)
  • South Red Line Is Back for Sox Opening Day (RedEye)
  • Men Busted for Selling Parking Spots at a Church Where They Don’t Work (DNA)
  • Vintage Trolley Signage on Display at Cafe Jumping Bean (DNA)

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  • duppie

    The link for the SouthEast Metra line is incorrect

  • sadstate

    Great weekend to be a vulnerable road user on the MIlwaukee Ave. corridor. That’s three different incidents by my counts (1 cyclist and 2 pedestrians hit, one “failure to yield” citation).

  • Mishellie

    Maybe they could put up signs: “If you don’t like to avoid hitting people, the expressway is in this direction”

  • FG

    “Why don’t you go play in the Freeway, without a car”

    Matt Helm, 1969.

    I’ll believe the South Shore Expansion when I see it on their schedule.

  • Mishellie

    Um. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • Scott Sanderson

    Interesting article from the German press. A researcher named Gernot Sieg from the University of Münster attempted to calculate the costs/benefits of a helmet law for cyclists in Germany (Helmpflicht), and concluded that the costs would outweigh the benefits by 40%. He recommends instead better cycling infrastructure of a top speed limit in cities of 30km/h.

  • Mishellie

    I can just see people in Chicago going 18 mph. How amusing. I’ll kep my helmet till that happens/is enforced. Eek.

  • JacobEPeters

    they’re referencing the NWI article, which mentions both Southeast Metra & the NICTD Lake County West South Shore Expansion to Dyer. (which would make it soooo much easier to get day drunk at 3 floyds)

  • FG

    Snarky movie quote.

  • FG

    Looks like NICTD boosters are more serious than I’d realized (or rather, more active than I’ve seen for a while).

    Hopefully Valpo gets service – one of the last big satellite cities which don’t have train service, plus it’s got a big University and is relatively wealthy, which would mean high patronage.

  • Bikes. On. Trains.

    Bike there, take the train back :)

  • JacobEPeters

    I looked at that, the Amtrak train runs at 8:30 am towards Chicago, which doesn’t quite support that plan. This would only be possible if South Shore eliminated the ban of bikes on trains & if the extension to Dyer was built.