Today’s Headlines

  • After Improved Ventra Performance, CTA Almost Ready to Complete Switch (Tribune)
  • Proposal for Uptown Entertainment District Includes Bike & Ped Improvements (DNA)
  • Western Bridge Demolished for Bloomingdale Trail (Sun-Times, DNA, The 606)
  • Poor Transit Funding Causes Maintenance Backlogs, Hinders Expansion (Tribune)
  • Green Line Delayed after Man Found Dead on Tracks (Tribune)
  • SUV Driver Dies in I-57 Rollover (DNA)
  • Whalon Lake Forest Preserve to Get New Bike Trails (Tribune)
  • Skokie Gets $155K From State to Renovate North Shore Channel Trail (Patch)
  • Comparing NYC, Chicago and DC Bike-Share Station Placement (Business Insider)
  • City Announces Pothole “Strike Teams” to Address 1,055 Miles of Major Streets (DNA)
  • City Will Soon Allow Drivers to Pay Meters by Smartphone (DNA)

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  • skyrefuge

    Comparing the percentage of a *bike-share network’s stations* that are within a certain distance to a rail stop is dumb and backwards. If the goal is to indicate how well a bike-share system integrates with a rail system, they should instead compare the percentage of *rail* stations that have a bike-share station within a certain distance. A rail station that doesn’t have bike share nearby is bad. A bike share station far from a rail station is not.

    A quick look at the Divvy map shows that almost all L stations in the Divvy area have a Divvy station within half a block (though the links get worse as you go south, and even the Loop is surprisingly mismatched). NYC still very well might win on the more-useful “rail stations with bike-share nearby” metric, but I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as lopsided, and it would be a lot more informative. Chicago and DC are essentially penalized for having bike-share networks that cover a broader area than their rail networks. Huh?

    The fact that NYC kicks Chicago and DC’s ass on their original metric just indicates that NYC has a denser rail network. Wow, thanks for that insight. I bet NYC also destroys Chicago on the “percentage of bike-share network’s stations that are near a bagel shop” metric too, but so what?

  • “I bet NYC also destroys Chicago on the ‘percentage of bike-share
    network’s stations that are near a bagel shop’ metric too.”

    That’s a metric I would like our city to improve upon, for reasons that have nothing to do with transportation.