Today’s Headlines

  • Patrick Fitzgerald Calls for Making Transit Board Positions Unpaid (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • A Roundup of Some of Chicago’s Biggest New Urban Planning Projects (Huffpo)
  • New Belmont-Clark Tower Design Has Significantly Less Parking (DNA)
  • Harrison Street Overpass Closed for Circle Interchange Expansion Work (DNA)
  • Public Hearing on Washington / Wabash Station March 20 (CDOT)
  • Woman Dies in Car Crash Near Site Where Driver Killed Her Twin in 1996 (Tribune)
  • Dan Ryan Pileup Injures 7 (Sun-Times)
  • Transitized Visualizes Bike-Share Trips With “Divvy Spokes”
  • Video: A Look Inside the CTA’s Control Center (RedEye)

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  • duppie

    HuffPo, in its usual careless style, places a picture of 63rd street beach under the heading of rebuilding North lake Shore Drive.

  • CL

    I watched the CTA control center video expecting it to be a bunch of people running around trying to cope with delays. “We’ve got a platform full of Purple line riders stranded at Howard! If we don’t do something, they’re going to be late for work!! Hold the Skokie train for two minutes, call in the emergency back-up train — go go go! Express to Davis!”

    Instead it’s one guy sitting calmly at the computer while music plays, and the video explains that they use technology to tell us about delays on Twitter.

    But given my experience on the CTA, I guess that makes more sense.

  • jeff wegerson

    I saw that too. And I know it’s iffy to judge a place by the quality of the commentors, I mean look at some of the odd ones that show up around here, but while one commenter was predicting Chicago was becoming another Detroit another was predicting the city would be so popular that only the rich will be able to afford it. Indeed two were predicting a Detroit future. These people must not get out much.