Today’s Headlines

  • Contractor, Artists Announced for 3 Blue Line Stations (CTA)
  • CTA Satisfied With Ventra Performance, Transition Proceeding (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Joe Iacobucci, the Face of Ashland BRT, Leaves CTA for Sam Schwartz (Sun-Times)
  • After Snow-Related Headaches Wednesday, Metra Riders Hope for Best Today (ABC)
  • Western Avenue Bridge¬†Transplant Delayed Due to Weather (DNA)
  • CDOT Repairs 100,000th Pothole (WGN)
  • Burke Calls for Ban on Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides (DNA)
  • Snowfall Shows Residential Streets Are Good Candidates for Woonerfs (Transitized)
  • If You’re Late Feeding Your Meter, You Still Have to Pay Ticket (DNA)


  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Maybe Joe Iacobbucci is jumping ship like Gabe and the rest of them because they know deep down what a mess BRT is really going to cause.

  • DFD

    That Divvy ‘press release’ is an ambulance chaser’s advertisement. Pretty much saying we don’t know how liable Chicago or Alta will be but we’ll sue them since that’s where the money is. Why are we even giving it lip-service?

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yes, “maybe”.

    “Maybe” he was offered better pay/benefits/leadership opportunities at Sam Schwartz.
    “Maybe” his family was being held ransom by Sam Schwartz cronies until he agreed to work for them.
    “Maybe” he was tired of constantly being accused of incompetence/cronyism despite his best efforts to keep the BRT conversation civil and take input from all comers.
    “Maybe” aliens and mind control.


  • ohsweetnothing

    Agreed. I felt duped when I got to the final paragraph.

  • Matt F

    agreed agreed.

    Who has ever read ‘digital journal’ anyways?

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Well if you read the article, Iacobbucci and his coworkers never informed Forrest Claypool that he was gone. Sounds like trouble in paradise.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Yes I read the article. I still don’t see why your wild guess behind his motivations are any wilder than (2 out of 4) of mine.
    Your wild guess just served your agenda, as if he couldn’t have left for any of the multitude of mundane reasons people leave one job for another job everyday.
    Do I know why he left? Nope. Neither do you.

  • cjlane

    I *do* know.

    It was *definitely* related to alien mind control. He was taken over by body snatchers, and is now a pod person.

    Self-evident, really.

  • cjlane

    ps: Gabe left town so that he could actually live with his wife. I don’t see any conspiracy with Gabe, for sure, so tying the two is kinda counter to knowing anything deep down.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Haha, glad I didn’t need to specify which were my two serious “maybes”!

  • duppie

    Maybe Joe is Gabe’s illegitimate love child with Mia Birk? ;)

  • Voltaire

    That press release is dated 1/17 and I feel like I’ve read it before, so I assume it was linked to from here. Any reason it’s back in the news?

  • Cameron Puetz

    I suspect that he, and many of the others, are simply following the money. Consulting firms tend to pay much better than city jobs.