SUV Driver Kills East Side Woman and Flees the Scene

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The 10400 block of South Ewing, from the driver’s perspective.

In what appears to be the first pedestrian fatality of 2014, an SUV driver fatally struck a 44-year-old woman Saturday on the 10400 block of South Ewing in the East Side neighborhood, then fled the scene. Angelia L. Alvarado, 44, of the 10000 block of South Avenue L, a few blocks from the crash site, was crossing eastbound in a crosswalk when the southbound motorist hit her, according to Police News Affairs’ Officer José Estrada.

Alvarado was found unresponsive in the street around 3:45 p.m. She was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, where she died from head injuries and was pronounced dead at 6:25 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The vehicle was a small, white or light-colored SUV, possibly carrying a spare tire, police said. No one is in custody and Major Accidents is searching for the driver.

Fatality Tracker: 2014 Chicago pedestrian and bicyclist deaths

Pedestrian: 1 (1 was from a hit-and-run crash, 0 in semi- and box truck crashes)
Bicyclist: 0

  • Fbfree

    This is a really bad insection. It may be possible to remove the straight only southbound travel lane without impeding vehicle throughput and using the space to install a pedestrian and cyclist island.

    Most southbound cars accelerate through the one lane section under the NS railroad and make a fast turn around the corner onto Indianapolis boulevard. There is far less through traffic than turning traffic. A pedestrian island would ensure that cars stay in their lane during the turn, provide a refuge, and allow cyclists to make the left turn onto the Burnham Greenway from the center lane.

    Cons. Vehicles continuing south (including the #30 bus) would no longer be able to queue jump left turning cars.

    This change would probably not affect vehicle behaviour when turning northbound onto Ewing, but it would give pedestrians the ability to take their time when crossing without risking getting stuck in the middle of the road on a green light.

  • Voltaire

    Complete agreement. I’ve used this intersection many times but only as a motorist (usually southbound turning eastbound), and I don’t like it. It’s definitely designed entirely for cars.

  • Jose

    Im a delivery driver and i was there when the female was on the ground bleeding,on 104 th and ewing im just letting you guys know were it happened, theres cameras on the corner of gallistel main im sure they cought something

  • Voltaire

    If that’s the case looks like the original article has the location wrong. Very sorry for everyone involved

  • Thanks for posting. I’m double checking the info with the authorities.

  • Police News Affairs confirmed that the location was 10400 South Ewing, although other news outlets reported it as 10000 South Ewing. I’ve edited the article accordingly. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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