Today’s Headlines

  • CTA Fixes Gitch That Allowed Free Entry With Federal IDs (Tribune)
  • Program That Hired Ex-Offenders for CTA Cleaning Jobs Is Ending (Tribune)
  • Drunk Driver Strikes Uniformed Police Officer in Englewood Crosswalk (Tribune)
  • Metra Train and Car Crash in South Shore; No Reported Injuries (DNA)
  • Police Crack Down on Shoppers Illegally Parking in Disabled Spots (NBC)
  • South Kedzie Bridge Reopens (DNA)
  • New Overpass Opens On Busse Woods Trail (Active Trans)
  • How the CTA’s “Next Train” Displays Could Be Improved (Transitized)
  • Leland Greenway Project Is Getting Into Gear (DNA)
  • Is Lorde’s Pop Song “Royals” Pro- or Anti-Public Transportation? (Newcity)

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  • Fred

    Re: CTA Offender Program – I’m generally not anti-union, but it gets harder and harder every time I read about a union killing a non-union jobs program like this.

  • what_eva

    completely agree. I get that the program allows CTA to hire these ex-con apprentices at a lower wage than union, so make sure there are caps on it or something, don’t kill it entirely.

  • Fred

    Re: Lorde: “It appears that she does have an affinity for flashy cars, it’s just that she prefers ones built for comfort rather than speed.”

    I think your analysis is a little off. Maybachs aren’t built for speed; that would be Porsche/Lamborghini/Ferrari, etc. Maybachs are ultra-luxury cars reserved for the mega-wealthy, while Cadillacs are merely luxury cars and more affordable for the average person. I think this is more of a statement about realistic dreams. An “average” person has a realistic chance of one day owning a status symbol Caddy. Maybachs are purely reserved for the 1%.

    I find the whole song to be very Millennial. Gen X’ers shot for the stars while Millennials have more realistic dreams due to the financial realities they are graduating into.

  • Good point. I read that Maybach makes sports cars, but I’d never claim to be an expert on automobiles!

  • BlueFairlane

    I never met a Gen Xer who shot for any stars.