Today’s Headlines

  • Another Ventra Issue: Some Federal IDs Allow Free CTA Access (Tribune)
  • Editorial: We’re Glad the RTA Is Auditing Ventra (Sun-Times)
  • Is Ventra Making Progress? Depends on Who You Ask (Tattler)
  • An Analysis of the Value of Street Cleaning (WBEZ)
  • CTA Offering Free Rides on New Year’s Eve (RedEye)
  • The Schedule for This Year’s CTA Holiday Train (Tattler)
  • Sustainable Transportation Gift Ideas (RedEye, Newcity)
  • Local Man Builds Bicycle-Powered, Mobile Karaoke Venue (Reader)

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  • Fred

    I came up with a way to solve the undesirable credit card Ventra charges issue. The Ventra website should have a place to register Do Not Charge credit cards. A user would register all contactless credit cards in their wallet, then Ventra would decline entrance every time it read one of those cards, forcing the user to tap again.

    The 3 issues I see with this are:
    1. The tin foil hat folks that would never give Ventra their cc information out of fear/paranoia/distrust
    2. It could be desirable at times to be able to use a contactless cc for fare payment (say, I forgot my Ventra card at home but still have my cc)
    3. It wouldn’t solve the non-cc cards (Gov’t IDs) issue

  • CL

    Last year, I spent New Years Eve with friends in DC, and it made me appreciate how awesome the CTA is about the holiday by comparison. We left the club at around 3 a.m. and public transit wasn’t running anymore. There were no cabs available because thousands of people were trying to hail a cab at the same time. We ended up having to walk a couple of miles — I was cold and exhausted and struggling in my high heels, and kept drunkenly explaining to everyone how “It’s not like this in Chicago…”

    I don’t think street cleaning is a scam, but I don’t think it’s necessary before fall, when the leaves clog the drains. I dislike street cleaning because I frequently get home late from work, and sleep late to make up for it — and it makes it very difficult to find parking. However, the 49th ward does a great job of giving residents plenty of notice. The signs go up almost a week in advance, which really helps me to remember. When I lived in the 40th ward, they used to put up signs the night before, and I would get a ticket because I hadn’t been outside to see them.

    Street cleaning in Evanston, however, is a huge, blatant scam. They have tiny print signs that say things like “every 3rd Monday.” Every time it comes around, the entire street is crammed with cars, and they ticket and tow every single one before they clean the street. If they wanted people to remember, they would have big visible signs and a less confusing schedule (different streets have monthly, bi-weekly, or tri-weekly cleaning. Seriously.) I believe the entire operation is retaliation against Northwestern University for not paying taxes. A ticket + tow costs $175 dollars. It’s horrible.

  • BlueFairlane

    I don’t see that not wanting to give an organization as screwy as Ventra has proven to be my credit card information as a tin-hat reservation.