Today’s Headlines

  • More Metra Trouble: Deputy CEO Placed on Administrative Leave (Crain’s)
  • Speed Cameras Installed by Horner Park (DNA)
  • Green Line Shutdown for Cermak Work Rescheduled for Next Week (CTA)
  • Amtrak Train Delayed Six Hours by Flat Spot on Wheel (Tribune)
  • Problems With Ventra Transit Benefit Program (RedEye)
  • How Are Bike Lanes Perceived in African-American Neighborhoods? (People for Bikes)
  • The Role of CMAP in Regional Planning (Sun-Times)
  • CTA Will Add Signs Encouraging Riders to Offer Seats to Pregnant Women (CBS)
  • After LSD Incident, Kass Calls for Abolishing Divvy (Tribune)
  • Local Lawyers Discuss Divvy Liability (Chicago Grid)
  • Naked Ambition: Woman on Red Line Claims to Be “Goddess of the Train” (Chicagoist)

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  • Anon

    John Kass is right. One Divvy rider messed up. Let’s remove the program. That one rider slowed down the driver of that car and made it tougher for them to record videos while driving. That Divvy rider was a real distraction!

  • Guest

    Kass is right. That Divvy rider was creating a real problem and we should shut the whole program down. I mean, she slowed that driver down and countless others, and she also made it harder for them to record video while driving on the expressway! That’s a real problem that she created for us drivers out there! Next thing you know, I might hit a Divvy biker while watching youtube & driving in my car, and guess who will be blamed for that too?

  • Mishellie

    I’m glad that CTA is adding signs for pregnant women. I’d also like to state that I was extremely confused by the amount of people who saw me get on the el on crutches with a giant brace on my ankle, barely able to put weight on it at all, and waited for me to ask them to let me have a seat. It was really… not a pleasant experience, and now I’m tryign to be hyper aware of people who look like they need to sit.

  • Matt F

    Did you guys ever link to these Tribune Editorials?,0,7512506.story

    Voice of the People, Nov. 07

    “Bikes on the road”

    I think cyclists should have to pay a registration fee and take a class on safety and rules of the road. Cyclists should be treated as regular drivers. If cyclists want to drive on a road and not a sidewalk, they need to be just as qualified as a driver is.

    As a driver who just got a license within the last six months, I always get nervous when I am driving down a road and see a cyclist cycling in the middle of the road when there is a safe sidewalk right next to
    the road. I am not even counting when there is a group of cyclists blocking both sides of the road so I have no way of getting around them.

    In Chicago, it is just as absurd. Drivers are going around 30 miles per hour and cyclists just do not go that fast. Designated bike trails decrease the number of vehicle-bicycle accidents dramatically. They can also improve the time people commute to work each day. Cyclists need a place to ride, a place where they can be by themselves. They need a place to be safe.

    — Justin Lyons,
    Monee, student, Crete-Monee High school

    Crete: 8259 people
    Monee: 5148 people

    Killer logic, kid

  • Sounds like a class assignment: “Write a letter to the editor.”

  • Glad to hear this young man is nervous when he has to share the road with cyclists, so he’ll drive cautiously.

  • Jennifer

    Just what I need, a lecture about traffic safety from a kid who’s been licensed for 6 months.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    Does he want us on the road like “regular drivers” or on the “safe sidewalk” or in a special place where we can be safe by ourselves (like a padded room)? I’m so confused right now.

  • Karen Kaz

    Anyone catch the end of that Ventra transit benefits article? This is depressing:

    “Under Internal Revenue Service rules, transit riders can set aside up to $245 per month in pretax income in the transit benefit program. But the maximum limit will be reduced to $130 per month in 2014 unless Congress passes new legislation before Dec. 31.

    The monthly pretax spending limit for parking will increase from $245 to $250 a month in 2014. The parking rules are not subject to congressional action.”

    I realize that this is a federal program and not every city and town has public transit, so I’m not even going to harp on the fact that the IRS basically subsidizes parking costs even though it’s terrible policy… But to be reducing the transit benefit by almost half?

  • Nikanator

    Why the hell did it take Amtrak 6 hours to return the train to Union Station if it was ‘just a few miles out’? How hard is it to just detach the bad car and continue on the journey?

  • alexfrancisburchard

    Lol, the traffic jam slowed that driver, it wasn’t even the bike on the freeway. Of all the times to bike down a freeway, she picked THE opportune moment.