Today’s Headlines

  • Ventra Outage at 60 Stations Leads to 15,000 Free Rides (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Union Station Needs to Be Rebuilt But Is There Political Will? (Crain’s)
  • Troopers Fill Courtroom at Hearing for Trucker Who Killed Their Colleague (Tribune)
  • Does Chicago Have the Courage to Implement Gold-Standard BRT? (MPC)
  • Transitized Deconstructs an Error-Riddled Sun-Times Opinion Video on Divvy
  • Active Trans Discusses Their New Partnership With Revolution Brewing (DNA)
  • Bicycle Film Festival Is Coming to Town (Active Trans)
  • Sick BMX Tricks on Divvy Bikes (RedEye)

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  • mhls

    Will ventra pay the City (CTA) for lost revenue?

    The City pays for lost revenue under the parking meter deal.

    Have we learned from that?

  • The CTA is asking the vendor to pay for the lost revenue.

  • madopal

    I’m still very hopeful that once ANY type of gold-standard BRT is implemented in the city, the concept will spread like wildfire. We just need to get the first one up to show people how good it can be.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Once again the MPC trots out the $5.8 billion dollars in development in the “hard hit” areas of Cleveland to justify BRT in Chicago

    1) Most of the development went to the Hospital District around Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital (Hardly the hard hit area of Cleveland).
    2) 2nd most was spent with government dollars for cultural / museums.
    3) A lot of money was spent down town and out near Case Western (hardly hard hit).
    4) Very little money spent in “hard hit” Mid-town.
    5) Had to go back to 2000 to start counting the so called investment despite the fact that the Cleveland BRT did not open until 2008.

    No justification is being made for putting hundreds of family businesses on Ashland Avenue out of business with BRT. Hey, we pay taxes too.

  • The “hundreds of family business on Ashland” (I’m guessing you own one of them?) will greatly benefit from the excellent transit access, as well as the increased foot traffic from safer, more pleasant conditions for pedestrians. Even the slightly slower car traffic will be a benefit, since motorists will be more likely to notice their storefronts.