Today’s Headlines

  • Cubic Has Had Glitchy Fare Card Launches Around the Globe (Gapers Block)
  • Ventra Card Mailed to Lady Who Passed Away 5 Years Ago (Tribune)
  • “Ventra Fails” App Allows Customers to Vent About Their Experiences (RedEye)
  • Wilson Station Construction Moving Forward Despite Column Dispute (DNA)
  • 5 Injured by Wrong-Way Driver in Streeterville (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Charged With Dragging Officer 20 Feet With SUV (Sun-Times)
  • Cyclist Wins $300K Settlement After Being Left-Hooked in Wilmette (Kevenides)
  • The Joy of Going Car-Free (Next City)
  • Does Divvy Actually Make It Easier to Park a Car? (Hugh Bartling)
  • Amtrak Bringing Back “Great Dome” Cars With Panoramic Views (Tribune)
  • Alderman Reilly Calls New Bike Infrastructure “Disruptive” (Crain’s)
  • Advocates Thanked Gabe Klein, Now “Moe Torrist” Throws Brickbats (Expired Meter)

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  • mhls

    There’s an article in Crain’s this morning on cycling that may spark some discussion. Can’t find the link…

  • David Altenburg

    Yikes, those wrong-way-driving robot cars are going to be the end of us.

    Also – RE the Expired Meter post: I’ve had it with the complaint that the city selected places with no pedestrian traffic for cameras. Even if that’s true for some locations, it’s certainly not true for all. (I live near Humboldt Park, a speed camera location, where, despite a half-assed road diet, cars typically exceed 40mph even on beautiful summer days when the park is filled with families). More so, the people making this argument are not advocating that cameras be moved to places where they would be effective: they just hate the idea of automated enforcement, and will latch onto any argument. It’s dishonest, and the fact that they’re resorting to such dishonesty just gives weight to the idea that they just want to speed without consequence.

  • Funny that that expired meter post cites all the things I think have/will make the city a better place for non-motorists.

    Maybe the speed cameras exist in locations w/o pedestrians because the dangerous environment causes there to be no pedestrians…? Same logic as when people say “why would they build a bike lane there, there’s no bikes!” Well, if you build it, they will come. If you make the street safer for non-drivers, it’s better for everyone.

  • hello

    “Mr. Reilly says the city has a challenge in striking a balance between “educating the public and ticketing the public. I get complaints from both sides of the equation: motorists complaining that bicyclists are getting away with murder, and those in the bicycle community saying, ‘Why on earth are police pulling me over?’ “

    Poor choice of words by Mr. Reilly? It seems that many motorists actually do get away with murder in this country.

  • Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve added that to the post.

  • Mishellie

    Any ideas for how to read it if you don’t subscribe and went over your “12 post limit” by reading the last article in Crains several times… I really only looked at 1 post twelve times… but sure Crain’s. Force me to pay…

  • Try Googling the article and see if that gets you to a link beyond the pay wall.

  • I think the Ventra Fails app is a good idea because it will help to document the problems that CTA acknowledges people are having but isn’t being descriptive on how widespread specific issues are or aren’t.

  • Use a different browser. The site is looking for cookies but each browser has its own cookies.

  • Are people really calling his office to say that? sheesh

  • I think if people really are calling and saying that, he should explain that its not true, instead of feeding the media circus by putting that in a publication thousands of people will read.

  • Ray

    The line “Wilson Station Construction Moving Forward Despite Column Dispute” is misleading because it implies that construction doesn’t occur when there are disputes, when design conflicts like column placements can still occur during the demolition phase.

  • Similarly, the one on Foster is right in front of Gompers Park, where the speeding traffic has convinced some of the neighborhood that it’s not even worth it to TRY to cross the street to access the playground nearest their houses, so they walk a mile the other direction.

  • anon

    FTFY “I get complaints from both sides of the equation: bicyclists complaining that motorists are literally getting away with murder, and those in the driving community saying, ‘Why on earth am I getting tickets from speed cameras”

  • Karen Kaz

    I had issues with auto-reload and got a voice mail that there was an “error” at first but now it is fixed. I was told to turn auto-reload off then on again. Nothing public from Ventra that I’ve seen about it, though.

  • Peter

    Yahoo Headlines: Invisible Bike Helmets
    Airbags for your head.

  • Anna

    I’m not a Luddite, but I’m not sold on those cyclist airbags nor the Kickstarter for a bike lock you can unlock with your smartphone. My current bike helmet doesn’t require a special helium cartridge to make it work again if I take a slight sideways spill in some ice, and I can allow my friends to unlock my current bike lock by giving them one of the five identical keys with which it came. I applaud the pursuit of a better rat-trap, but I’m not installing ’em until they’re better than the old ones.

  • BlueFairlane

    Their website convinced me of the technology, though it does require the active step of keeping the thing charged. But really, it doesn’t look any more comfortable than a regular bike helmet, and I can see how it may affect the field of vision of the road immediately beneath you.

  • Fred

    It also looks heavy and hot. I can’t imagine wearing one on an exercise ride.

    I can see how it would be nice for Divvy. It would be better to carry that around than a helmet.