Today’s Headlines

  • Editorial: Big Job in Store for the Next CDOT Commissioner (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Planning to Use Ventra by Next Summer (Herald-Spectator)
  • Man Dies After Driving Car Into the Lake at Balbo (Tribune)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian in Aurora (CBS)
  • Woman Critically Injured by Driver in Bolingbrook (Tribune)
  • Traffic Camera Protest Saturday at Gompers Park, a Speeding Hot Spot (Expired Meter)
  • Oak Park Board Hasn’t Committed to Providing Local Funding for Divvy (Oak Leaves)
  • Details on Evanston’s Divvy Situation (Daily Northwestern)
  • Rogers Park Residents Look Forward to Getting the Blue Bikes (DNA)
  • Mariano’s Foots the Bill for Free Supermarket Shuttle for Seniors (DNA)

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  • Fred

    “Metra Planning to Use Ventra by Next Summer”

    Lol, will CTA be using Ventra by then?

  • hello

    The Expired Meter post is pretty funny.

  • C.A.R.L.C. is an unfortunate acronym for the anti-speed cam group, just asking to be parodied.

  • Logan Square Driver

    I think it’s pretty hot.

  • We’re at this unfortunate situation in Chicago where there is (probably?) tons of distrust in the city government trying to get every penny out of every pocket. Now, I think speed cameras are fine – you only get fined if you’re breaking the law, after all – but I can understand the opposition especially since the mayor tries to sell it as a child-safety measure. But in the end, it’s a camera pointed on the public streets. Much like a camera in a retail store can be used to catch a thief (illegal act), a speed camera can catch someone speeding (also illegal).

    So I’m curious if there’d be as much backlash if there were just cops standing out there to give out tickets? Organized, random stings? Perhaps if we didn’t have the budget problems, there would be less? Who knows. It’s worth more discussion.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they should google “Kenneth Prazak” first, before using the unconstitutional argument.

  • Anonymous

    I think there is a sense among many that speeding is acceptable and getting a ticket from a police officer is a rare frustration–maybe a reminder not to go quite *so* fast.

    The cameras raise the prospect of being fined every time you drive 9mph over the limit. For many, that’s an infuriating concept.

  • Anonymous

    As a fairly new city transplant to Oak Park, I’m really hoping Divvy makes it out here. Oak Park is laid out nicely for quick 30 minute trips by bike if enough stations are spread out around the Village.

    On a somewhat related note, does anyone know whether Chicago intends to continue the protected bike lane on Lake all the way out to Austin Blvd., and if so when that is projected to happen?

    Kept hearing rumors about a Lake St bicycle “superhighway” (I think through Active Trans’ blog), but haven’t been able to find anything from Emanuel’s or CDOT’s office actually talking about or hinting at such plans.

  • Roland Solinski

    Buried within the Metra-Ventra article is some very promising news about Metra working towards transfer agreements with CTA and Pace. I’m not sure whether they’re talking about subsidized transfers or simply better coordination, but it’s much-needed in either case.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    What you’re describing is just the traditional police-cruiser-behind-a-hedgerow speed trap. People hate those, too.