Today’s Headlines

  • Despite Additional Staff, Live Ventra Helpline Not Available 24/7 (Sun-Times)
  • CTA Fires 8 Workers Over Blue Line Crash, Slacking on the Job (CBS)
  • Truck Driver Killed in Dan Ryan Crash (DNA)
  • Crowd Drags Man Out of Car and Beats Him After He Strikes 2 Peds (Sun-Times)
  • 9 Hurt in East Chicago Crash, Including 2 Police Officers (Tribune)
  • 9 People Hospitalized With Minor Injuries After LSD Bus Crash (RedEye)
  • Active Trans Seeks Volunteers for BRT Street Team Next Week
  • Anti-BRT Group Holding Meeting on Extending Bus Service to Andersonville (Gazette)
  • Arena Calls for Booting Cars Illegally Parked on Private Property (DNA)
  • Metra Clerical Workers and Ticket Agents May Get 20-Percent Raise (Tribune)
  • A Cliff’s Notes Version of CTA History (CNN)
  • Want Lawful Behavior From Cyclists? Build Bike-Friendly Infrastructure (Chicago)

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  • Anonymous

    It is astonishing how ill-informed Mr. Romanelli is when he advocates extending MBE north to Andersonville.

    Andersonville (and the Edgewater, Lincoln Square, Uptown neighborhoods in general) have excellent north south connections already. From east to west: LSD express buses like the #147. The red line (and in a few years the purple line at Wilson as well), #151 Sheridan, #36 Broadway, #22 Clark, and the #50 Damen; the Metra station at Ravenswood, and a new Metra station at Peterson in 2015-2016 ; The Brown line stations at Damen and Montrose.

    And Mr Romanelli advocates yet another slow-moving bus line? Is he actually serious about that?

    Now that he moves into my area, it may be time to attend one of his “community meetings”. Per the Gazette article: 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at Andies Restaurant, 5253 N. Clark Street.

  • hello

    It’s amazing that these people think BRT will be so bad for them that now they launch onto a fairly unrelated crusade to improve bus service (heated shelters!?) in UpAnderWood.

    They need to get a grip on reality.

  • Anonymous

    I would be in favor of an extension of the Ashland bus line past Irving Park. It would make it more of an option for people in Lincoln Square if it went further north and it’s a better bus line than Damen, which has the dreaded Elston/Fullerton/Damen intersection killing it’s efficiency. Damen in WP and Bucktown is also much worse than Ashland. If extending the line meant that the people that regularly use the Ashland bus will receive worse service, then I’m fine keeping it as is since I do have other options and their interests are more important than mine because of that. As it is now, Divvy has made the Ashland bus more of an option for me because it is no longer a 20 minute walk if I want to use it.

    Regardless, I don’t see what extending the bus line has to do with BRT other than BRT making it more likely that an extension will be considered. While Andersonville, Ravenswood, and Lincoln Square don’t really need more north/south bus access, if there is a BRT line that functions more like a train line than a normal Chicago bus line, it would be great if they’d have it service as many people as possible.

  • Cameron Puetz

    I’m going to have to agree with Mr. Romanelli on this one. All of the existing routes hug the Lake and take riders SE toward the Loop, there are no routes that go straight south. It would be nice if there was an easy way to travel between Andersonvile, Ravenswood, Wicker Park, and West Town. I’ve always thought that Irving Park was an arbitrary, and rather frustrating place for the Ashland bus to end.

  • Anonymous

    There are 2 options in fact: #22 – Clark connecting to the #9 – Ashland, and the #50 Damen, which stops in the heart of Andersonville.

    Until I hear good data that extending #9 to Hollywood would generate enough additional revenue to consider it, I am going to say that Mr. Romanelli doesn’t care about extending the #9 bus, other than how it would support AWC’s anti-BRT narrative.

    I was part of the 48th ward 10 year transportation plan committee. North South connections were never mentioned as an transit issue. (East-west on the other hand was, as there is no good connection the O’Hare blue line; So was safety on the red-line stations).

  • hello

    Regardless of whether extending the #9 into Andersonville is a good idea or not, he is distracting from the watering down of BRT by building support for other bus improvements.

    Don’t let him get to you :)

    I think a #9 going farther north would be great too, maybe not necessary, but very useful to ME at least.

    It’s just crazy what he is turning this into…

  • Maybe at the meeting they can look at how bunched all the Clark St buses get… not a good alternative to what would be BRT up there, which I hope is extended up there. But I think he’s trying to make his group look pro-bus when it really is not…

  • Anonymous

    I fully support BRT going north beyond Irving Park. BRT has the potential to be a game changer, BRT can add a type of service that this area lacks.

    But MEB as Mr. Romanelli advocates is just the old #9 with a new name tag. I doubt that there is any economic reason to implement MEB style bus service north of Irving Pk.

    CTA has stated that they are not interested in extending BRT
    beyond Irving Park. Not sure about their reasoning.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    #50 Damen not only meets Cameron’s criteria of taking you to Wicker Park and West Town but also takes you to better parts of those neighborhoods than the #9 bus.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    One reason they gave was that it’s duplicating the #22 Clark service. Ashland is 0.4 miles from Clark at Irving Park, and that distance closes up as you go north, until Ashland disappears into Clark at Devon.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    Who else is participating in Active Trans’ outreach events *THIS week? I’ll be at the Illinois Medical District outing on Wednesday morning, 11/6.

  • Erik Swedlund

    Ashland disappears into Clark at about Rosehill, then re-emerges just past Devon, as you go north.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    Oh! You are correct. I was looking at it on Google Maps as that area is “just too far north” for my lazy butt to visit.

  • Erik Swedlund

    Oh, I understand that :) I live on Ashland, north of Devon, and it can be quite a trek. While there’s no chance of any bus service on this super-far-north part of Ashland, the most amazing improvement for my commute to Noble Square would be an Ashland BRT that reaches to Clark and Devon.