Today’s Headlines

  • Sources: Emanuel’s Appointee to CMAP Board Will Vote Against the Illiana (Tribune)
  • Editorial: Don’t Build the Illiana (Sun-Times)
  • Drivers Would Get Access to Woonerf But They’re Still Balking About Lost Parking (DNA)
  • Public Meetings to Be Held on Art for 95th Street Red Line Station (RedEye, CBJ)
  • CTA Aska Board to Permanently Extend 31st/35th Street Bus Route (RedEye)
  • Owners of Dogs That Caused Fatal Bike Crash Fled the Scene (Kevenides)
  • Trial Opens For Driver Who Killed Two People During 100 mph Street Race (Tribune)
  • Driver Who Provided False Contact Info in Logan Square Bike Crash Identified (Keating)
  • Several Metra Crossings in Niles Will Be Closed for Track Repairs (DNA)
  • Waguespack Say City Workers Staffing Safe Passage Routes Is a Waste of Resources (DNA)
  • Happy Bike and Walk to School Day (CBS)
  • Tiny Fix Bake Sale This Sunday to Raise Funds for Bicycle Accident Report Cards

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  • Anonymous

    The math doesn’t add up for the loss of parking spaces on Kenmore.
    Let’s say there are 100 spaces in the neighborhood. With no permit parking, they are up for grabs by residents, commuters (I assume they park there and take the red line?) and students.
    You remove 47 spaces from the free pool and hand them to residents only (this is what DePaul proposed, by providing free space in parking garages for residents). The supply has decreased by 47, but so has the demand.
    What am I missing here?

    Of course they could implement permit parking and resolve the problem that way. Allow permit parking only from 1PM-3PM, similar to the no parking from 1PM to 3PM they implemented in the West Loop, should resolve the issue.

  • Andrew H

    Please see my recap of the meeting last night on the Woonerf page:

  • Julia

    I’d love if DePaul was completely able to close the street. I’m around the area quite a bit, and the sheer number of pedestrians throughout the day certainly seems to merit closing it to traffic. I’d love to see something like the quad replicated with lush foliage and walking paths. I wonder if it would be possible if the intersection of Belden and Sheffield was redesigned for traffic to flow through more easily – it seems no matter where you cross on campus, there’s always a high volume of pedestrians.

    Off topic – I don’t see any mention of resurfacing on Clybourn (just south of Diversey) on any of these posts or headlines. Any ideas on why they scraped off a layer of pavement that included the new buffered bike lanes and have left unmarked? (I thought CDOT had a regulation about restriping removed bike infrastructure??) It’s “open season” on driving in that lane, especially near Costco – I’ve avoided that route in the meantime.

  • Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll look into this.

  • Andrew H

    There was a lot of talk last night about the Belden / Sheffield intersection. Residents want a traffic signal there. The alderman said they requested one in the past but CDOT turned them down. Seemed like there was significant interest in re-circulating a similar proposal or some sort of improvement for that intersection.

  • CDOT has rejected the request for a stoplight here in the past because (somewhat counter-intuitively), it would make the intersection less ped-friendly. Currently cars at the 4-way stop signs need to wait for pedestrians to cross. With a stoplight, peds would be forced to wait for a walk signal.

  • Julia

    There’s a residential street near me that requires a permit 24hrs/day. I wonder if something similar could work for the streets immediately near DePaul, to preserve that parking for residents. I’ll admit, when I (rarely) drive, I like to grab one of the free, unmetered spots on Belden or Racine, even though I can get a discounted rate in the garages.