Today’s Headlines

  • Blue Line Service Back to Normal; No Evidence of Criminal Activity in Crash (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Metra, South Shore Trains Moving After Delay Due to Suspicious Package (CBS)
  • City Removing Red Light Cameras From 18 Intersections (DNA, Expired Meter)
  • Hit-and-Run Drivers Injure 2 Pedestrians on Fullerton in Separate Crashes (DNA)
  • Candidate Make Pitches to Cook County Commissioners to Join Metra Board (Sun-Times)
  • Some Englewood Homeowners Don’t Want to Sell to Make Room for Railyard (DNA)
  • Battles Over BRT, Pritzker Garage Reflect Different Views of Chicago’s Transpo Needs (NBC)
  • CTA Customers Kvetch About Ventra Glitches (Tattler)
  • Nearly New Bikes Moves to 4075 North Broadway in Uptown (Crain’s)
  • Wells in Old Town Will Shut Down Tomorrow for “Chicago Fire” Shooting (DNA)

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  • Anonymous

    The comment about receiving 277 Ventra cards in the mail is just too funny!

  • ChiCityChick

    Especially hilarious because I know only one Chicago Card Plus user who has received his.

  • Anna Schibrowsky

    My household has had Chicago Card Pluses forever, and we have not received our Ventra cards yet. We confirmed our address, and then – nothing.

    Contrast that with our Divvy experience. We registered two memberships on a Monday evening, and we received both keys in Thursday’s mail. Both activated without a hitch and have worked with no problems ever since.

    Both programs are public-private partnerships. CTA is working with Cubic Transportation System on Ventra, and CDOT is working with Alta on Divvy. How can Ventra be so screwed up?

  • Anonymous

    How can they be so screwed up?
    1. Scale. A quick estimate shows that the transaction volume for the CTA is 100-150 times the transaction volume of Divvy.
    2. Visibility. No matter how much we all love Divvy, it remains a niche product for now. Not so for the CTA. It is used by about 1.5 million riders daily. Any missteps from Ventra’s side are analyzed in the utmost detail.
    3. Off-the-shelf solution. I don’t know how much Ventra is custom-designed, but bikeshare has become an off-the-shelf solution. Alta and Bixi have done this multiple times across the world. Both the hardware and software have become standardized. So there is much less risk with a bikeshare solution.

  • Whereas our household’s Divvy key took over 3 weeks to get here, and we didn’t buy it right at the bleeding edge (about a month ago).

    Ventra did send us two cards to replace our household’s two CB+es … eventually. They also (very eventually) transferred the balances. But we were very surprised to discover that they had transferred BOTH balances to only one Ventra card, so we had one with quite a bit of money and one empty one. Strange.