Today’s Headlines

  • Bicyclist Collapses, Dies After Being Struck by Driver in “Minor” Crash in Niles (Tribune)
  • Missing Senior Found Near Near Crashed Car in West Chicago Ravine (Tribune)
  • Chicago to Pay $2.4 Million to Man Struck by Drunk Worker in City Truck (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Bloomingdale Trail Entry Park 567 Opens in Bucktown (DNA)
  • CTA Bus Maintenance Manager Found to Be in Violation of Ethics Rules (Tribune)
  • Grand Avenue Bridge Shuts Down for Two Weeks for Emergency Repairs (Tribune, DNA)
  • Ask the Parking Meter Geek (DNA)
  • A Look Inside “The Theater” CTA Control Center (RedEye)

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  • Andrew H

    How is a situation where the person dies “minor” according to the tribune / police? Crashes should not be categorized as “accidents” either. Has there been any movement to push this terminology shift with CDOT CPD?

  • Mishellie

    I know, it’s REALLY offensive that they would be like “Oh, a biker just died, but it was really a minor incident, no big.”


  • Mishellie

    I would highly suggest avoiding Chicago Ave. until this construction project is over. I didn’t know about the detour this morning, and it was CRAZY from Milwaukee until after the bridge.

  • Katja

    A change to terms with CDOT/CPD wouldn’t do much in the city of Niles, but your question makes sense. It feels like that story is missing some of the pieces.

  • Katja

    Yeah, it looked like a lot of people were ignoring the “take Chicago Ave” advice, too, and decided to go over on Kinzie. Traffic on Milwaukee (and Grand) was nutso until Kinzie, then was almost empty thereafter.

  • Anonymous

    Why did the traffic stop being nutso at Kinzie, if a lot of people decided to take Kinzie? (Or, do you just mean that the traffic became less nutso for cyclists on Kinzie because of the PBL?)

  • Katja

    I take Milwaukee to Des Plaines, so I can’t speak to what happened on Kinzie. I think it was probably nutso on Kinzie over the river, as well. It was just remarkable how many motorists were going left on Kinzie at Kinzie/Milwaukee/Des Plaines, compared to the usual. Normally it’s about half and half cars turning left onto Kinzie and cars continuing straight-ish onto Des Plaines. Today it was like 95% were going left onto Kinzie, which caused a huge backup of cars on Milwaukee, but Des Plaines was nearly empty.

  • BlueFairlane

    I think you need to know the cause of death from the autopsy report to answer that. I can think of a couple of scenarios where an otherwise minor crash could lead to this guy’s death. According to the article, the man was up and walking around, talking to police afterward, so any injury wasn’t obvious. My guess is that he had some sort of preexisting medical condition, something like a heart problem, and the adrenaline rush after the crash resulted in a heart attack. Another scenario is that he hit his head and ruptured a blood vessel, resulting in an aneurysm. The human body can be far more fragile than we like to believe sometimes, and this man was 72.

    It reminds me of an incident that happened at my ex-wife’s church back in the ’90s. They were taking part in a parade, and a kid hopped off the back of a convertible that wasn’t traveling more than 10 mph … people were walking next to it. The kid slipped and hit his head. Thirty minutes later, he was dead. This sort of thing happens sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    Grand Ave is also closed west of Western until it hits Chicago Ave due to water main repair. So inbound traffic is already diverted onto Chicago Ave due to this, and there’s no reason for anyone to get back onto Grand due to the bridge being out closer to the city.
    That construction is expected to last until late October.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, I see. Yeah, I just saw on the Chainlink that Kinzie was pretty rough this morning. (There has been some construction on the Kinzie bridge recently, too; if still going on I’m sure it didn’t help.)

  • Anonymous

    The construction on the Kinzie bridge is westbound and forces bicyclists to take the lane. That will continue for some time. Not too bad as long as the bridge is dry. I did notice more traffic than usual on Kinzie this morning.

  • Fred

    Southbound Kingsbury St between Chicago and Kinzie was also a flustercluck this morning. I would recommend avoiding entering River North from the west if at all possible.

  • CDOT is very good in not using accident and similar terms that reduce the seriousness of what may have happened. Their preferred terminology is crash.

    I don’t know about CPD because they mainly don’t interface with the public (outside of special enforcement events) about traffic incidents.