Today’s Headlines

  • Over 60 Workers Could Lose Jobs in Money-Saving CTA Reorg (RedEye, Sun-Times)
  • Man Who Left Friend at Fatal Crash Negatively Compared to 9/11 Heroes (Tribune)
  • Fallen Cyclist Bobby Cann to Be Memorialized With Street Sign at Crash Site (RedEye)
  • Naperville Man Arrested for Driving 124 MPH (Tribune)
  • Yet Another Metra Board Member Leaving in Wake of Scandal (Tribune)
  • City Council Passes Ordinance Allowing Police to Impound Litterbugs’ Cars (Tribune)
  • Waguespack and Moreno Propose E-Bike Regulations (RedEye)
  • Some People Don’t Want to Switch to Ventra (DNA)
  • Research Shows More Women Are Drinking and Driving (Tribune)
  • Evanston Stages Its First Ciclovia (Active Trans)
  • Visiting Chicago? Three Words: Ride the ‘L’ (Columbus Dispatch)

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  • Anonymous

    The Ventra stories are similar to what happened in the Netherlands when they introduced a universal farecard based on RFID technology. Naysayers predicted doom. I visited the Netherlands last week and found the whole system to be easy to use and well functioning.
    About the only downside (but that was common in the Netherlands) is that you needed a Dutch bankcard or cash. No credit cards were accepted.

  • Adam Herstein

    There will always be people that are opposed to change.

  • Anonymous

    Litterbug link above is to incorrect article, John.

  • matt

    yea your links are all scrambled.

  • Brendan Kevenides

    The proposed e-bike regulations are already the law in IL:

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me that thinks that 20mph is an excessive speed to be riding in a bike lane?
    In the Netherlands, were e-bikes are much more common, they are designed such that the engine will only provide a boost until you go about 13 mph. E-bikes there exist to extend mobility for older and less able people who otherwise would have to take a bus or drive.

  • Great, but what are they doing about all those speeding motor scooters in Amsterdam bike lanes?

  • Anonymous

    Believe it or not, but they do belong in the bike lane. At least the light mopeds that are have a max. legal speed of 16 mph (same as the e-bikes). There is a faster class of scooters that requires the rider to use the roadway.

    The light moped is also called a snorfiets (“purring bicycle”). Cute, huh?

  • Seemed like the scooters were going a lot faster than that – these were almost like motorcycles. That plus lots of streetcar tracks makes Amsterdam a lot more intimidating to visiting cyclists than Copenhagen, its arch rival for bike friendliness.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a pleasant thought to imagine having to share a bike lane with scooters squeezing past you at 20mph.

  • Anonymous

    I would agree with Amsterdam being somewhat intimidating at first, probably due to the multi-modal nature of it.

    Have you ever been to Groningen?

    If you want to see the pinnacle of bike friendliness, I suggest you visit Groningen on your next trip to Europe: A city of nearly 200,000 people in the north of the Netherlands with a mode share of bicycles much, much higher than both Amsterdam and Copenhagen (56%). A city center that is nearly car free (and will be completely car-free by 2020). Oh, and no street car tracks ;)

    I visited last week for the first time since college and I experienced an absolute child-like joy riding around the town. It is just a sea of bicyclists everywhere you go.

    We stayed with friends about 6 miles out of town and rode into town entirely on protected or separated bike paths.

    They have separate bike signals at main intersections. All bike signals have green at the same time with no other traffic flowing. When the light turns green 50-100 bicyclists coming from four directions and going in four directions enter the intersection simultaneously. Yet it worked out, just like that, without any accidents or yelling.

    Highly recommended!

  • Anonymous

    John, to answer your original question: Not much.

    The article doesn’t actually make clear whether it led to an increase in crashes. The tone of the article is like the old people on Sheridan Rd: “I almost got killed by that bicyclist on the sidewalk! We need to do something about these scofflaws!”

  • Mcass777

    A few months back, I was cruising along the bike lane on Elston and came across a guy on an E Bike. I did not know it was electric when he passed me and I could not believe he passed me on such a heavy bike. I rode as fast as I could to catch him and, much to his surprise,I passed him! I noticed the big rear hub and knew what it was. I felt pretty good (and tired) for passing him! Thank god for carbon fiber!