Today’s Headlines

  • Wicker Park Committee Members Fail to See the Benefits of BRT (DNA, Expired Meter)
  • Teen Who Killed Friend While Driving Over 90 MPH Gets Probation (Tribune)
  • Memorial Held for Girl Killed By Driver Who Allegedly Huffed Cleaning Product (Tribune)
  • Cahill: Clout System Is Hurting Mass Transit in Chicagoland (Crain’s)
  • Smooth Operator: Moore Promises “Moon-Like Craters” Will Be Fixed This Fall (DNA)
  • Support Active Trans, Get Photoshopped Portrait of Yourself as a Super Hero (Active Trans)
  • What Are People reading on CTA? (RedEye)
  • Emanuel to Couple Who Met on Bus: “Marriage Is a Journey, Not a Destination” (RedEye)

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  • Every time there is a BRT meeting will there be a report on it? Based on those quoted at the meeting, people still don’t seem to get how it works and frankly I don’t believe they want to. As Lindsay wrote yesterday, they threw every example in the book about how it works well and nobody wanted to believe it.

    Who was that who said “just build it”?

  • I plan to start covering more of these community meetings this month. That was Steve Schlickman from UIC’s Urban Transportation Center, who’s speaking today at a roundtable at the CTA. We’ll have a writeup later today.

  • Chicagio

    Surprised there was no mention of this:

    That’s good stuff!

  • Anonymous

    I know! Maybe we’ll get a full Streetsblog post about it… :)

  • Chicagio

    pffft… slackers.

  • Jennifer

    It’s out in the sprawl and doesn’t count, I guess.

  • Thanks for drawing my attention to this. You know what they say, “You can’t dance at two weddings with on tuchus,” but we’ll get on this soon.

  • No, this is totally in our wheelhouse, as are all regional transportation planning issues.

  • Chicagio


  • CL

    Sweet — my street will be resurfaced. It’s long overdue — the potholes are huge.

  • To summarize the “Teen Who Killed Friend” article: 15-year-old driver with three friends in his car makes several attempts to hit 100 mph on a suburban side street, hits a curb, flips the car end over end, one friend is ejected and killed. The driver pleads guilty to reckless homicide. Result: The judge gives the driver probation and community service, tells him not to be too hard on himself, and the Tribune refers to the crime repeatedly as as “accident”.

  • When I was 16 I was driving with 4 friends in the car, to go to Six Flags – I was not supposed to be. In WI you have a probationary license until 18, I think, you can have only one friend in the car.

    I got a ticket for it and fined and I was on probation! Honestly, that this is the punishment is insane. To call it an “accident” makes it worse.