Today’s Headlines

  • First Day of CPS Classes; Find Your “Safe Passages” Route on This Map (Tribune)
  • Speed Cameras at Gompers Park Begin Issuing Warnings Today (Tribune, DNA)
  • City Building $800 Million Intermodal Facility at O’HAre (Crain’s)
  • Metra to Consider Naming a Single Interim Executive Director (Tribune)
  • Sorry NIMBYs, the Pine Grove Divvy Station Gets to Stay for Now (Tribune)
  • Active Trans to CDOT and Cappleman: Never Mind the NIMBYs (Active Trans)
  • Kass Returns to Bike Baiting: “I Don’t Want [Divvy Riders] in My Neighborhood.” (Tribune)
  • Scandal! City Workers Are Getting a Corporate Discount on Bike-Share (CBS)
  • Divvy Comes to Hyde Park (DNA)
  • Congrats to Pritzker for Coming Out as Transgender. Now About That Parking Garage… (DNA)
  • Venn Diagram: The Pros and Cons of 3 Different Bike Delivery Jobs (Tiny Fix)

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  • Anonymous

    the cbs link is not working

  • Neil Clingerman

    Don’t even bother linking to John Kass, he’s just an idiot shock jock and anyone who’s seen his work should know it. Attention keeps him alive.

  • What a Kasshole

    Yeah. I kind of want to read it, but I don’t want him to have the page views. Wish somebody would just copy and paste, so I can keep my unhealthy hatred alive.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a video on Youtube, so no page views are generated for the Tribune.
    After watching it what amazed me most is how unhealthy John Kass looks, something that is not clear when you read his diatribes. He maybe should be riding a Divvy occasionally?

  • Anonymous

    I see him smoking a cigarette outside the Tribune building from time to time.

  • Karen Kaz

    I regularly hang out at the Billy Goat… now that I know what he looks like I’m concerned I might start an argument with him after I get a few beers in me, heh.

  • The way he talks about observing scofflaw bikers while smoking, he probably smokes more than “from time to time.”

  • He’s well aware of what he’s doing, I asked someone to superimpose his face on The Weatherman’s image with the Frostee on his shoulder/jacket and sent him the link. His simple reply was, “You want people to throw things at me?” He knew what I was implying and would likely turn into the WBC in the event he was assaulted. I’m not saying you’re going to have a beat down, but beer + arguments are not a good mix.

  • Anonymous

    His Divvy stuff is lame but he’s generally great about political corruption so I suppose I have to give him a pass.

  • Anonymous

    I find the idea of Kaz getting into a beatdown with Kass hilarious.

  • Fred

    I like how he’s such an arrogant asshat that he doesn’t even bother to hide his stereotypical racism. How is this clown still given an audience?!

  • I live in Streeterville, and while at breakfast, we counted the Divvy’s that rode past. We saw 16 riders in about an hour, which was great. However, 14 of the 16 were on the sidewalks, one was wrong-waying on a one-way, and one was doing it right.

    While Kass may be a…whatever – Bad Divvy riders are actually a problem downtown. They surely aren’t building any good will with people dodging them on the sidewalk. It’s bad for the advancement of bikes in the city. I hope Divvy can do something to improve this.

  • The best solution to the problem of sidewalk bicycling is giving people safe conditions for riding in the street. That’s why it’s crucial for CDOT to build more bikeways, especially protected bike lanes, downtown as soon as possible. Enforcement and education are also key.

  • Ted King

    Re: Crain’s article on the O’Hare “Intermodal Facility”
    More properly that’s the “Intermodal Transportation Facilities” (ITF, see below). It’s part of the West Terminal project. The links below have more details.

    ITF diagrams [PDF] :

    Projects at “Chicago O’Hare International Airport” :
    NB – The above link mentions that a runway redesign at O’Hare won out over building a greenfield airport elsewhere.

  • jen b

    Divvy going in at Montrose beach today!

  • Nice. When you visit, be sure to sample the tacos from the beachside taco trike!

  • I agree with you. Many loop sidewalks are too narrow as it is. That’s why they seriously need to start taking away lanes for cars downtown and putting in bike lanes. Then even more people will use them – and legally. Look at Dearborn.

  • NYC-stolen

    John Kass says he doesn’t want Divvy in his neighborhood. No problem, John. You don’t even live in the city. Stop speaking for Chicago’s residents.

  • I’m confused.

    Light rail?
    Pedestrian/bike path – to the facility from where?
    What terminal is identified in the ITF diagrams PDF file?
    How will people get from this terminal to the other terminals?

  • What street were you observing?

  • Anonymous

    The Crain’s article appears to be about the new rental car center, not the proposed west terminal. The new rental car center will replace the F lot by the O’Hare Transfer station on the Metra NCS line. The People Mover will be extended from its current terminus at the E lot across Mannheim to this new facility. Some buses will move from the bus/shuttle center to the new facility (would assume the Pace routes that go to the E Kiss-n-Fly would switch, maybe others?)

  • Cameron Puetz

    The ITF will be located near the O’Hare Station on the Metra NCS Line and connected to the other terminals by an extension of the People Mover.The main goal of the project appears to be freeing up land for runway projects by consolidating low density parking lots into a multi story garage. I’d much rather set projects like this to use land around O’Hare more efficiently instead of further annexations or a new airport. A second goal seems to be using the People Mover instead of shuttle buses to get people to car rental agencies to reduce congestion on the terminal circle drive.

  • sanenazok

    Not exactly a headline, but a good article about the kinds of environments that are compatible with biking:
    Looks like some parts of Chicago could qualify for a little Netherlands.

  • Julia

    Has CDOT started looking for new Divvy locations that aren’t on the initial plans? Logan Square seems to be woefully under-divvied, even with the planned station going in at the Logan blue line stop. I’d be cool if they took requests for new locations!

  • They’ve applied for additional funding to expand the system.