Today’s Headlines

  • CPS Finally Releases “Safe Passages” Routes for School Students (Sun-Times)
  • Editorial: “[LSD’s] Primary Job is to Move Traffic.” No, It’s to Move People. (Sun-Times)
  • Leader of Ashland NIMBYs at Wednesday Meeting: “We’re Not Anti-BRT” (Patch)
  • Romanelli Pushes for Bringing Back Turns for Trucks Under Morgan Station (Gazette)
  • Driver Kills Man on Roller Skates in Lombard (Tribune)
  • Driver, 84, OK After Crashing Into Liquor Store, Setting Booze on Fire (Tribune)
  • Cyclist Gets $550K Settlement After Bus Driver Failed to Yield (Keating)
  • John “War on Cars” McCarron Is Back With Another Doozy of an Opinion Piece (Tribune)
  • But Also, Oddly, a Good Article on Youth Bike Initiatives (LISC)
  • One Last Ride on the CTA’s 2200-Series Train Cars (DNA)
  • Mama Mia! Luigi From Super Mario Bros. Will Ride the CTA Brown Line (DNA)

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  • Ted King

    Link glitch :
    One Last Ride on the CTA’s 2200-Series Train Cars

  • I wrote a letter to Sun Times about their LSD article, specifically pointing out that their assertion of “no evidence” that public transit will get people out of their cars is false. There is evidence that that does happen with street re-purposing (same thing as for BRT).

    We’ll see if it goes anywhere but they didn’t even bother looking for any research. They just assumed there wasn’t any! Lazy journalism.

  • Anonymous

    1. Did John McCarron indavertently advocate for an increase in the gas tax in his latest diatribe?
    2. He favors building a circulator line, but he is against BRT. Does he realize that given the current fiscal climate, there is no money for a circulator line, and BRT is the feasible alternative to a circulator line?

  • Melissa

    Building a circulator line will definitely not disrupt business *rolls eyes*

    These anti-BRT people are hilarious, especially with their deflections that are always along the lines of “we really care about public transit, we just want to wait for [insert unrealistic transit pipe dream that will never happen and would disrupt their business/convenience even more if it did].”

    I’m concerned though that there is not good communication about the BRT. A lot of my friends in the neighborhood do not know about it and I don’t receive many updates about it. The people who are most likely to support it, particularly younger people, just aren’t being engaged.

  • Fred

    1. Yes, I caught that too.
    2. He’s for a circulator line because it is something *HE* would use. He’s against Ashland BRT because he lives in the suburbs and would not use it. Purely selfish. Very libertarian way of thinking.

  • Yeah, he actually said that he’s OK with Ashland getting wrecked by BRT, as long as they don’t touch Western, which he likes to drive on.

  • Good news! Active Trans is formeng a street team to help get the word out: