Post-Launch, Divvy Drawing 67 New Annual Members Each Day

Divvy: Annual member sign ups, May 29 to July 22
Annual member sign-ups have been rising at a steady clip since Divvy launched.

As of this Monday, 3,157 annual members had signed up for Divvy bike-share, putting Chicago between the initial growth rate of systems in Washington, DC, which started with 49 stations in September, 2010, and New York City, which started with a little more than 300 stations on May 27.

Divvy launched with 68 stations three-and-a-half weeks ago and finished installing the initial 75-station batch this past weekend. Growth is likely to pick up as Divvy expands to more residential areas outside of downtown, and the network becomes more useful.

Prior to the system going live, people signed up for the annual membership at the rate of 49 per day. Post-launch, sign-ups are now at about 67 per day.

Since Friday, Divvy has installed seven more stations, bringing the total to 79, including three on the South Side, with two in Bronzeville and one in Pilsen. Boston-based programmer Nick Doiron and I made this map that shows the expansion of Divvy.

The northernmost station is also new, at Sheffield/Wellington (3000 N), as is the southernmost station, at 31st Street Beach (3100 S).

Green dots are the stations added since Friday.


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