Today’s Headlines

  • Due to “Potential Conflicts” Ex-Prosecutor Won’t Be Doing Metra Probe (Tribune)
  • Public Meeting Next Week on Broadway Protected Bike Lanes (Active Trans)
  • Emanuel Says $500 Million Investment Will Modernize Port of Chicago (Tribune)
  • Photo Campaign Make the Case for Bringing Back 31st Street Bus (DNA)
  • Brown Line Kimball Station Reopens During Track Work (Tribune)
  • Driver With Expired License Kills 11-Year-Old Girl in Harvey (Tribune)
  • Teenage Driver Fatally Strikes Another Teen on a Skateboard in Mundelein (Tribune)
  • Woman Dies in Crash While Fleeing Logan Square Pepper Spray Attack (Tribune)
  • Pedestrian Critically Injured in Jefferson Park Hit-and-Run (Tribune)
  • Little-Known McCormick Busway is a “Magic Road” (Sun-Times)
  • An Update on the Chicago Bike Messenger Scene (Sun-Times)
  • Steinberg’s First Attempt to Use Divvy (Sun-Times)

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  • Adam Herstein

    Posting articles that are behind paywalls isn’t very useful.

  • You can often get around the paywall by doing a Google search for the article and then taking the Google link to get there.

  • Joseph Musco

    Per Greg Hinz/Crain’s, The Port of Chicago deal is a 62 year lease in exchange for a required $100 million investment and $1 million per year payout to the City of Chicago. Ninety percent of revenues at the port beyond $4.5 million are kept by the lessee. Gotta love a lease! What ISN’T improved by the loss of control of a public asset for several generations? Besides democracy I mean.

  • I’ve heard that bike messengers use the McCormick Busway. It’s a nice protected bike lane.

  • You can also get it by signing up for a free account after which you can view a certain number of articles per month.

  • So the Sun Times writer wrote a whole article about how a screen wouldn’t work?

    God forbid if it were his first time riding the CTA and the farecard vending machine didn’t work…

  • Actually, up to that point, it’s a pretty pro-Divvy piece for one of the dailies, so it’s a shame Steinberg didn’t actually take a ride. I haven’t witnessed or heard about non-functioning kiosks being a big issue so far, but obviously Divvy needs to stay on top of this issue.

  • Joseph Musco

    You can also try using Google Chrome’s Incognito Window to view a link.

    Crain’s, the Sun-Times, and the Trib all hide some articles behind a paywall. It’s hardly realistic to expect to expect a summary of headlines to avoid three of the largest news organizations in the city.

  • Fred

    In another thread someone mentioned that the Divvy stations say 360+ minutes, the charge is $102. I just wanted to confirm what the other poster stated. I have checked multiple docks now and they all say that even though, as you calculated, it should only cost $87. Any idea what is up with this? Is 5:59:59 really $79 and anything over that $102?

  • Jim Mitchell

    Interesting. Any idea how they get in there? Do they wait for a bus and sneak in behind it?

  • Greg

    I was on the Busway for the first time recently and it is pretty cool down there. The entrance/exit at Lower Randolph doesn’t seem to be guarded so you could probably ride straight on. I’m not sure where you go other than McCormick, as you’d have to hop a fence anywhere else to get off.

  • Let me look into it.