Today’s Headlines

  • Reviled Circle Interchange Project Starts in 2 Weeks (Sun-Times, DNA)
  • City Awards Speed Camera Contract to American Traffic Solutions (Tribune)
  • Clifford to RTA: Madigan Has “A Moral and Ethical Flaw” (Sun-Times, Tribune)
  • 3 Environmental Groups File Lawsuit Over Illiana Expressway (Tribune)
  • Tunney Fears Fans Would Drop Beers on Cars From Wrigley Ped Bridge (Tribune)
  • Mercedes Driver Kills Senior in Gresham Hit-and-Run (Tribune)
  • Trucker Dies After Plowing Into Chain-Link Fence in Ford Heights (Tribune)
  • Wrongful death Lawsuit in Fatal Police Crash (Sun-Times)
  • ‘L’ Train Stalls at LaSalle and Van Buren, Causing Delays (Tribune)
  • New Chicagoland Bike Map Released (Active Trans)
  • Interesting Stats About Bike Traffic and Crashes on Milwaukee Avenue (Chicago)
  • How I Rigged a Baby Seat Onto My Bike (Minivan)

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  • Elliott Mason

    I’m still wondering how the Circle Interchange project managed to skip all the procedural stuff it skipped. Isn’t that, y’know, against the rules? Why do we even have rules if they can just be skipped?

  • Anonymous

    Gee Tunney, don’t you think that would happen already (and be *way* more dangerous) on the ped bridge over LSD?

  • Fred

    Yeah, that excuse is kinda BS. Though the advertising platform that happens to carry people seems to be wholly unnecessary anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the time it would be needed most would be right after games, when the streets are blocked off anyway.

    Tunney’s really pissed me off in this whole Wrigley thing. He’s a mouthpiece for the rooftop owners (who are leeches), not his constituents as a whole.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that what the Cubs do with Wrigley Field is largely their decision. We have a process fro when they violate the contract they have with the rooftop owners. It’s called the courts. I don’t think the Alderman needs to represent the rooftop owners interests.

    However, I am concerned about the impact on Clark and Addison that the changes will have. From the drawings, it looks like they will have wall–to-wall advertising on the hotel, and Wrigley Field. It looks like it going to be a mini Times Square. Tunney should focus his efforts on minimizing the impact there.And keep the neighborhood liveable for its residents.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not terribly sympathetic to residents who move close to a stadium and then are shocked that they live next to a stadium. (same goes for people who move near an airport and then complain about noise).

    That said, I live in Lake View myself and you’re correct and that’s why I’m really mad at Tunney. He spent all his political capital on this fighting the jumbotron that only impacts the rooftops (despite Tunney’s ludicrous claim that he could see it from his house, it will be hard to see anything other than the back of it from anywhere not next to the stadium), instead of fighting for things that would actually help everyone in the neighborhood. As noted in this blog, he was fighting *for* more parking! Yeah, that’s what we need, more people driving to Wrigley!

  • Anonymous

    It appears that Alderman Tunney has a wet noodle as a backbone. After
    threatening to stop it a day earlier, yesterday he voted in favor for an
    seemingly identical proposal.