Today’s Headlines

  • An Exit Interview With Ray LaHood (Tribune)
  • Metra Drawing Heat From Legislators for Potential $720K CEO Severance (Sun-Times)
  • Moore Says Campaign Donations Didn’t Influence His Pritzker Garage Decision (DNA)
  • Ventra Launches in August, Fully Functional in September (Sun-Times, RedEye)
  • Flooding Shuts Down Edens at Pratt, Closes Metra’s McHenry Branch (Tribune)
  • 2 Charged With Drag Racing in Fatal Lake County Crash (Tribune)
  • Police Officer Hurt in Squad Car Crash in Back of the Yards (Tribune)
  • Bike Tour Showcases Hidden Gems of Bronzeville (Active Trans)

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  • Who’s doing the main opposition on the RP parking garage? Certainly there are more people opposed to this than for it? It will only hold 250 cars. They can find a lot more people to oppose this kind of structure.

  • Anne A

    Heard from a South Shore friend that her Metra Electric train hit a ped this a.m. Why can’t the south side/south ‘burbs get the same ped gates that the west and northwest ‘burbs have? Is a life in South Shore worth less than one in Arlington Heights? They aren’t the solution to prevent all ped crashes, but they could save some lives.

  • mhls

    DNA article on cyclist doored on Milwaukee –

    Live from the scene of the crash…

  • Anne A

    Charming. Both LaHood articles are behind the Trib’s paywall.

  • Scott Presslak

    According to Google Streetview, the crossing at 73rd/Exchange does have pedestrian signals and gates.

  • Tony Adams

    Please consider adding some kind of indication when the articles to which you link are behind a paywall. I do not have a Chicago Tribune Digital Plus account ($15 a month) which appears to be required to view the Exit Interview with Ray LaHood piece for example. It is frustrating to get excited about a link only to find that I can’t read it. Thanks!

  • There are ways around it without paying. For example, if you use Safari, you can click the “Reader” button (on mobile and desktop).

  • Different railroads. UP-West had extensive changes done to crossings in the past few years, even getting signs that say “another train is coming” (when trains on different tracks are hidden behind other trains are coming).

  • “Moore Says Campaign Donations Didn’t Influence His Pritzker Garage Decision” – that’s what they all say.

  • Funny, I’m not a Trib subscriber either and that link worked for me. We’ll work on this issue.

  • Moore says Pritzker gave twice as much money, $17K, to his opponent in the 2007 election. That doesn’t mean money wasn’t a factor in this case, but it suggests the alderman and the colonel aren’t always on the same page.

  • Fred

    Are you logged in with a free account? If you are, you are allowed to view 5 premium stories per month.

  • I’m past the five-story limit. Try Googling the article – you may find the link will take you past the pay wall.

  • Fred

    I discovered the 5 story count is actually on a per browser basis stored as a cookie. If you open a different browser or go to a different computer, you can get 5 more stories. Also if you go into your browser settings and delete the ‘tribdss’ cookie you can get 5 more stories. You can do that unlimited times.

  • Rahm also says this. But now Rahm has a self-imposed policy (which he can self-break) to return money from people involved in bidding/contracts/projects.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • That’s like when Bachmann ännounced that she is not seeking reelection and then said “this is not because of the investigations into my campaign finances” —> that means she’s not running because of those investigations.
    This is probably partially about job security.

  • Tony Adams

    Thanks Steve! I’m happy to know about the workaround, but as you might have guessed, part of my motivation for making the request is my jihad against paywalls.