Today’s Headlines

  • CDOT: Traffic Calmed, Bike Signal Compliance Soars With Dearborn PBL (Tribune)
  • Chicago Bike Week Kicks Off Today (ABC)
  • “Bus Service Coalition” and Gazette Fear BRT But Are Unclear on the Concept
  • Toronto Team Wins BRT Station Design Contest, Pilsen Couple Comes in Second (RedEye)
  • Fallen Cyclist Bobby Cann Remembered at Millennium Park Memorial (DNA)
  • In Wake of Cann Tragedy, Legal Panel to Be Held This Tuesday (Kevenides)
  • 5 Hurt After Man Flees Englewood Fender Bender, Crashes into Van (Tribune, DNA)
  • Teen Struck By Driver While Trying to Cross LSD (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Metra Board Recommends Extending Serivce to Yorkville (Tribune)
  • What’s the Fastest Way from 95th to Downtown During Rehab: Shuttle, Bus or Bike? (DNA)
  • People Plaza Debuts on State Street (DNA)
  • Lake Forest Considers Bike Shelter for Downtown Metra Station (Tribune)

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  • Adam Herstein

    I don’t think that a spinning class is the right activity for promoting cycling…

  • Don’t worry Adam, I’m sure the spinning bikes will be hooked up to electricity generators. Reminds me of this awesome recent New Yorker cover:

  • Anonymous

    The link to the gazette article does not lead to anywhere. Is that just me?

  • CL

    Probably not. When I feel like spinning, I drive to the gym. : /

  • Anne A

    Extend Metra service to Yorkville and encourage sprawl? Why not improve existing Metra service (added runs or more cars on runs where possible) instead?

  • Kevin M

    I strongly disagree that expanding commuter rail encourages sprawl. On the contrary, it would encourage people from those communities to _not_ drive as much by giving them car-free access to Chicago (and other communities along the line and within the Metra system).

  • I like that the compliance at lights on Dearborn is up. That’s noticeable, but I never saw the street before, so I’m not sure how bad red-light running was before.

    I can’t be the only one who’s sick of all the media coverage about like one cyclist who runs a light and is vilified for it, right? I mean (and the article points out), so many drivers still turn left on red on Dearborn, you’ll see them texting, pulling into the bike lane, etc… Honestly wish we had the kind of funds/political will to just inundate the city with these types of bike lanes.

  • Elliott Mason

    No kidding. I wanted to go spend a Saturday visiting friends who lived 2 blocks from a Metra station several years ago, before I was a regular driver. On weekends, their station got one train EVERY TWO HOURS between 8AM and 8PM. Outside of that, it was worse. WHAT?? How in the world is that supposed to count as ‘access’? The trains were fairly empty — because you have to plan your entire life around the 5-minute window when you might be able to actually get on a train!

  • Kevin M

    Also, improving existing service typically means increasing operating (annual) funds. Extending lines means increasing capital (one-time) funds. The latter is easier to do, as the former requires higher fares, higher taxes, or a combination of both.

  • I think after this summer we’re going to start seeing a nice density of PBLs and BBLs. For example, after treatments are completed on Milwaukee and Kinzie, you’ll be able to bike almost the entire four miles from Stanley’s Produce to Dearborn Station on protected lanes.

  • Anonymous

    Not true. Yorkville is in Kendall County, which does not have a RTA tax yet. To expand Metra into Kendall County, there would have to be some form of tax increase in Kendall County to pay for the increase in operating costs. It all clearly states that in the article.

  • And unfortunately still no reliable, safe link from the Lakefront path to the Dearborn or Kinzie lanes…

  • Ever tried doing it via the existing riverwalk?

  • Huh, I haven’t, maybe I’ll try that on my way home. I try my hardest to avoid going south of Oak St. Gets too busy near Navy Pier. I usually take Oak to State, south to Kinzie then get on Dearborn. I used to take Clark south but it was too hectic. I wish Dearborn came all the way up to Division.

  • Kevin M

    Yes, thanks for re-capping the article that I read.

  • Yep, the stretch around Navy Pier will become a lot more rideable after the flyover is built.

  • Anne A

    The fact that it’s easier to do doesn’t mean that it’s better for the big picture.

  • Anne A

    It makes living in far distant areas more viable, promoting development of those areas. It may mean that some folks there would take the train into the city, but it tends to promote development of formerly green spaces (much of it farmland).

  • I wouldn’t put much faith in that number until the full data is released. The studies CDOT does for biking counts have very small sample sizes and limited study duration.

    The article doesn’t say how many people cycled on Dearborn prior to the bike lane being installed, and even then, the new bike lane has two directions so the number of cyclists who would use Dearborn post-installation would not be comparable to the pre-condition set up. The increase of 161% may not be that dramatic.

  • Were they hooked up?

    I pedaled a Rock The Bike that had an electricity generating hub. I was able to charge my iPhone from 10% to 80% using three minutes of pedaling (the iPhone takes longer than three minutes to charge, but the capacitor between the generator and the iPhone was charged in 3 minutes and then slowly transferred that electricity to the iPhone).

  • I was kidding.

  • If that’s so that’s sloppy research. Someone needs to hire my company :p
    You don’t think the compliance is up at the lights though? I feel like a lot of people comply. Then again I yield at a few lights in my neighborhood, but I would never do it downtown, just too much going on.

  • I believe that compliance is likely up, but small numbers riding to small numbers can still result in a 161% increase.