Today’s Headlines

  • Parking Meter Deal Reboot Likely to Pass City Council Today (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Council Votes on Bike Safety Ordinance Today (DNA)
  • “The Gateway” Seating Area Debuts Friday in on State (Loop Alliance, RedEye)
  • Job Hopefuls Attend CTA Railroad Work Training (ABC)
  • Whew! Transit Riders Will Not Be Allowed to Pack Heat (Tattler)
  • Man Dies in Rollover Crash on I-57 at 147th Street (Tribune)
  • Amtrak Tests Bikes on Trains for Chicago to Detroit Service (LMB)
  • Law Firm Calls for PBLs on Clybourn, Offers to Donate Racks for Ghost Bikes (Willens)
  • CTA Sells Transit-Themed Tchotchkes From Vending Machine in Lobby of HQ (RedEye)
  • Divvy Will Encourage Truancy, and Doesn’t Work for People With Broken Legs (LSD)

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  • J

    Why do you link to LSD’s rants? He seems like a crazy person and by linking to his site you’re giving him a bigger platform than he deserves. It’s one thing to link to major new publications when they publish negative bike stories but quite another to link to an anti-bike crank with a blog.

  • Fred

    The moderators here think LSD is a Stephen Colbert type satirical take on the pro-car community. I think the author wishes that were true but is actually not smart or witty enough to pull it off and instead is doing more harm than good for the active transportation community. Advocating cars do illegal and blatantly dangerous things is fine if you are obviously being facetious, but it is downright dangerous if you don’t do it carefully and readers genuinely take your suggestions. I too wish that either it was made more obvious that this person is failing at their mission of comedy, or that s/he would go away.

  • I assumed our readers would pick up on the fact that LSD is satire, and I think it’s pretty brilliant satire. But apparently the humor is too dry for some folks to get. At any rate, I think it’s safe to assume there’s no danger anyone smart enough to be reading Streetsblog (and I’m happy to say that our readers
    are very perceptive folks), would be dumb enough to follow LSD’s absurd marching orders for “True Warriors.”

  • I’ve never heard of the Willens law firm.