Today’s Headlines

  • Registration for Divvy Bike-Share Opens at Noon Today (ABC)
  • Red Rehab Going Smoothly, But More Customers Should Use Shuttles (CBS)
  • NerdWallet Estimates Recent Changes Will Cut Ventra Debit Fees by Half (Tribune)
  • CTA Not Meeting Monthly Goal for Bus Cleanliness, ‘L’ Delays (RedEye)
  • Neighbors Complaining About CTA Parking Lot Under Belmont Stop (DNA)
  • Aldermen: Free Sunday Parking Will Hurt Businesses (Tribune, DNA)
  • New Water Taxi Dock Opens at North Avenue (DNA)
  • Meeting Tomorrow Night on Ped/Bike Improvements to 95th in Oak Lawn (Patch)
  • Rapper Chief Keef Arrested for Driving 110 on the Edens (Tribune)
  • Left Your Bike at a Shuttered Red Station? Here’s How to Get It Back (Tattler)
  • How to Increase the Peace Between All Road Users (Tiny Fix)
  • Look Out Honey, ‘Cause I’m Using Technology (LSD)

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  • Fred

    That clown is actually advocating replacing teachers with computers so he can keep his precious car. What. An. Asshat.

  • Keep in mind that Logan Square Driver is a Steven Colbert-style parody of the autocentric mindset:

  • Logan Square Driver

    I ain’t got time to make no apology!

  • LSD, you’re a street-driving cheater with a heart full of motor oil:

  • Adam Herstein


  • Adam Herstein

    It’s nice to see some alderman fighting back this time, as opposed to the unanimous vote for the original parking meter deal.

  • Rahm deserves credit for giving them a month to peruse the deal, rather than ramming it through like Daley did, although that probably wasn’t Emanuel’s best strategy for getting it approved.

  • Fred

    I wonder if $1/hr Sunday parking would be a good compromise. This gives Rahm the ability to show he is trying to help out the good Christian church-going folks and eliminates the turnover issue for businesses. This may also eliminate the need for the extended nighttime meter hours city-wide.

  • If I recall correctly, the original meter deal wasn’t unanimously supported- 5 alderman voted against it.

  • This is correct. And 5 alderman didn’t vote. So it was 40-5.

  • Yet Alderman can take as long as they want on ordinances.

  • I have a feeling $1 per hour wouldn’t be enough to rescind the nighttime hours. Rahm is playing this “all or nothing” game. So even if 5 alderman elect to charge for Sunday parking, the extended nighttime meter hours would be in effect in all 50 wards.