Today’s Headlines

  • New Meter Deal Could Mean an Additional $517 Million for CPM (Tribune)
  • Locations Announced for 23 Divvy Stations in 43rd Ward (DNA)
  • CTA Eliminates Some Ventra Prepaid Debit Card Fees (Sun-Times)
  • Waguespack Pushing for “Tickets, Tickets, Tickets” for Bike Infractions (DNA)
  • LEED-Certified Rental Building Will Bring 227 Cars to West Loop (DNA)
  • State Senate Passes Ban on Handheld Cell Use While Driving (Sun-Times)
  • Expect Crowds on the Orange, Blue Lines for Memorial Day (RedEye)
  • Administration Sues Parking Garage Company Over $58 Million Bill (Sun-Times)
  • Drunk Driver Injures 2 Women in River North (Tribune)
  • NBC Will Be Livestreaming Bike the Drive This Sunday (NBC)

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  • Fred

    I assume these tickets for bikers will just be fines like red-light camera and parking tickets, meaning no drivers license points associated with them.

    Are you required to carry ID while you are on a bike? If I leave my wallet at home and a cop stops me, how do they have and idea who I am? Neither the bike nor I would have any marking about who I am or who the bike’s owner is. Do I just tell the cop I am Elwood Blues, 1060 W Addison St and move on with life? Would I be required to show up at a police station within some period of time with ID? Would they just haul me down to the station? Without bike licence plates or bike driver’s licenses it seems like enforcement would be difficult. Will there be any recourse for non-payment or repeat offenders? You can’t exactly boot a bicycle, especially without any way of knowing for certain who a bike’s owner is.

  • Yes, if you are ticketed for a bike infraction and do not provide an ID, the officer has the option of arresting you. Any bike lawyers want to chime in with details on this?

  • Some ordinances give police officers the authority to “boot” bicycles.

    For example, if an officer stops you because you were violating 9-52-021 (riding on the North Sheridan Road sidewalk)… “(1) the bicycle shall be temporarily disabled without permanent damage; “

  • The “boot” in this case being a thick, plastic zip tie.