Today’s Headlines

  • Reilly Looking Into the Possibility of City Buying Back Parking Meters (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Balks at Cost of Offering Wi-Fi to Customers (Tribune)
  • The Pros and Cons of Telecommuting (RedEye)
  • Tips for Navigating the “Dread Line” Shutdown (RedEye)
  • Financial Reports From CPM Show Big Increases in Meter Revenue (DNA)
  • Warrenville Cyclist “Who Struck Semi” on Route 59 Dies (Tribune)
  • Baby Ejected From SUV During Near North Crash in Stable Condition (Tribune)
  • During Police Stop, Driver Grabs Officer by Vest, Drags Her (Tribune)
  • Prom Limo Driver’s Blood Alcohol Was Almost Triple the Legal Limit (Tribune)
  • A Breakdown of the Proposed Bike Safety Ordinance (BWLP)
  • Sox Offer discounted Tickets After Red Line Shutdown (RedEye)
  • Confusion About Pedestrian Laws is Our Ally in “The War on Cars” (LSD)

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  • The language in that Warrenville story has made me suspicious since it was first reported. I’d be interested to know more. My sympathies to the family of the cyclist.

  • Yes, if the cyclists literally biked into the side of the truck, he might still be alive.

  • BlueFairlane

    I don’t see reasonable motivation for the suspicion. It’s not hard to imagine how a bicyclist trying to cross a highway could impact the side of a passing truck, and it’s not hard to imagine how the energy resulting from this collision with a very large, fast-moving object would result in a cyclist’s death. This is especially true if you consider where a cyclist would go if he impacted the trailer. The scenario described doesn’t seem unrealistic to me.

  • I guess what arouses my suspicions in the paucity of details, and the request for witnesses in both articles about the incident.

    There is no narrative about what occurred, yet it’s reported in language that seems to me to blame the cyclist.

  • BlueFairlane

    There are plenty of reasons it might still be under investigation. My guess (and this is only a guess) is that they’re waiting for toxicology reports to come back on either the bicyclist, the truck driver, or (one would hope) both. But Tribune would only report that the cyclist hit the truck if that’s what the police had reported to them, and that’s something the police could have reconstructed fairly easily on the scene. One, if the truck impacted the bicyclist head on, the truck would show damage in the front, and there would be (for the lack of a better term while talking about a human) “residue.” Additionally, the bicyclist would have landed in a different location had the truck hit him than he would have had he run into the side of the truck, and the nature of the the injuries would be different. I don’t have the accident report, but all this would be simple for accident investigation people to work out.

    My guess (again, only a guess) is that the cyclist hit the trailer, which would come in at about handlebar height, and his momentum carried him forward beneath or into the trailer’s rear wheels. The investigation is still trying to work out “why,” not “what.”

    EditToAdd: As for the paucity of details, the Tribune likely doesn’t want to get too gory. I consider this a good thing.

  • Got it. Thanks for the insight.