More Bike-Share Locations Revealed; Full List Available Later This Month

A bike sharing station will be installed at Pritzker Park downtown.

Last month we reported on the first bike-share stations locations to be made public. Now more station locations are being revealed every day on the official Divvy Bikes Facebook page, and 1st Ward Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno has released a map of 19 locations.

The Divvy Bikes Facebook page will reveal another location each day, showing the station location on a map describing some of the nearby points of interest, as well as revealing the name of the sponsor. Currently all are sponsored by the Chicago Department of Transportation. CDOT spokesperson Pete Scales said that a full map will be on the Divvy website “when it starts to accept memberships later this month,” and possibly in two weeks.

Ten locations have been posted:

Meanwhile, in New York, bike-share stations are currently being installed in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Photo: Sheryl Yvette.

Alderman Moreno’s newsletter this week linked to a map showing 19 bike-share station locations. The 1st Ward (including parts of East Village, Wicker Park, and Bucktown) will eventually have 25 stations total, 22 of which will be installed this year.

  • Marshfield & Bloomingdale
  • Damen & Schiller
  • Wellington & Damen
  • California & Armitage
  • Armitage & Stave
  • Campbell & North
  • Hirsch & Leavitt
  • Augusta & Ashland
  • Chicago & Ashland
  • Marshfield & North
  • Milwaukee & Wood
  • Damen & Chicago
  • California Blue Line
  • Western Blue Line
  • Division Blue Line
  • Damen Blue Line (at Pierce)
  • North & Leavitt
  • Division & Damen
  • Milwaukee & Rockwell


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