Today’s Headlines

  • Nearby Residents Blast IDOT at Circle Interchange Hearing (Tribune, Sun-Times)
  • Tunney Wants Parking Garage as Part of Wrigley Rehab (Tribune, Sun-Times, DNA)
  • Women Struck on LSD in Alleged DUI Dies From Injuries (RedEye)
  • Alleged Drunk Driver Flees Crash Scene, Drives Into High School (Tribune)
  • Man Steals Semi, Leads Cops on Chase Down the Ike (Tribune)
  • Driver Flees Police, Crashes in a South Chicago Back Yard (Tribune)
  • Eight Awesome Hiking and Biking Trails on the North Shore (Glencoe News)

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  • Kevin M

    RE: Nearby Residents Blast IDOT at Circle Interchange Hearing

    Damn NIMBYs, maybe they should take their protest to the next level and sell their automobiles. Then they might really have my sympathetic ear. Then they might actually have an army behind them. Until they put their transit choice where their mouth is, this is just a NIMBY matter and not a transit/environmental issue.

  • If you read Steven’s post about the 400 South Green folks, one of them mentions that she walks a mile to Metra and then rides 40 miles to work:

  • BlueFairlane

    Tunney’s funny. Now, I don’t go to Cubs games, and I try my best to avoid Wrigleyville at all times, but it seems to me that there aren’t a lot of people driving to games and parking in the neighborhood. I know the Cubs have that big lot on Belmont where people park, and I think a lot of people just know they’re better off riding transit. Some people park in the neighborhood, I’m sure, but all building a giant parking garage down there would accomplish is talk all the people who park on Belmont and a lot of the Red Line riders into driving to Wrigleyville. Tunney’s parking idea would double Wrigleyville’s game day congestion many times over.

  • Adam Herstein

    You can certainly see the bias in the two newspapers regarding the Circle Interchange project.

    Tribune: “Residents: Circle ramp plan goes from ‘insane to ridiculous'”
    Sun Times: “Circle Interchange makeover: Short-term pain, long-term gain”

  • Adam Herstein

    Yep. I love the irony here. Residents don’t want bike lanes in their neighborhood? NIMBY’s! Residents don’t want a highway in their neighborhood? Heros!

    While I am against the expansion of the Circle Interchange, the people who live in 400 S Green are just as NIMBY as the rest. They aren’t against highways per se, just highways in their backyard. Their motivation is not the same as mine, even if we are fighting for the same end result.

  • Let’s say a highway 7.5 feet from your window is proposed. What are you gonna do?

  • I’m going to look into the lot at Rockwell, just south of Addison. It’s owned by DeVry but I don’t know if CTA or the Cubs manages it for the CTA.

    It costs $6 to park there and that includes a shuttle ride on the #154 Wrigley Field Express. $6 for the driver and ALL passengers to ride the shuttle! That’s cheap as hell! You will not find a better deal in the city!! Ridership was up 6.6% from June 2011 to June 2012!

  • Endless Mike

    Ugh the horrible irony of Wrigleyville residents. A large parking garage will bring MORE cars to Wrigleyville and it won’t stop people from parking on the side streets! Just more people circling around the neighborhood after the garage fills up in 5 mins. They must want the neighborhood to look like Comiskey, a ballpark in the middle of miles of dead-zone of expressway and parking lots.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and IDOT didn’t think 7.5 feet from the building should make that building one they’d notify about potential impacts.