Today’s Headlines for Thursday, April 13

  • Emanuel Voices Support for Raising Federal Gas Tax by $0.10/Gallon (Tribune)
  • Rahm Gives Trump Advice on Selling Infrastructure Plan (Tribune)
  • Car Passenger Killed in Crash With Garbage Truck in Garfield Ridge (Tribune)
  • Duckworth Meets With Lake County Mayors to Discuss Infrastructure Issues (Tribune)
  • What If There Was a Continuous River Trail From the Loop to Chinatown? (Active Trans)
  • ACLU Blasts Reilly’s Proposed Crackdown on Street Musicians as Illegal (DNA)
  • Neighbors Oppose Drive-Thru Starbucks at Irving Park and Central (DNA)
  • Michigan Avenue Streetscape Inspires Dayton’s Main Street Makeover (DDN)
  • Chicago-Based Parking App SpotHero Buys Another Competitor (Crain’s)
  • Are Bike Riders Mindless Zombies Taking Marching Orders From Emanuel? (

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  • Jacob Wilson

    Is Joravsky basing his claim that cyclists (or bicyclists, not ‘bikers’ sigh….) support Rahm on voter data or one conversation he had with a drunk person at a bar?

  • hopeyglass

    I mean, you must have listened to the discussion given your r/t of his anecdote, but this is actually a pretty interesting discussion.

    Disclaimer: I think Ben Joravsky is doing some of the only solid journalism in the city.

    But the larger point Ben and Dave point to is one I agree with! I frankly go all over the place with the “bicyclist” community because quite frankly, there’s not enough nuance or figuring out what systemic levers to pull to create better livability in the city. It is one-hundred percent screwed up that some VC is giving the city money to fix the LFP as a bandaid to appease a certain segment of the population. That is a broken freakin’ system. And Rauner (and Trump and the corporations who are the ones who are currently the ones with power to build this city how they want) do not give a good g-d about the people who ride bikes who aren’t pretty and wealthy and able-bodied. They don’t care about the long-term positive affects of having cities where cars aren’t neccessary. They don’t care about providing health care to the people riding bikes delivering food and groceries and who knows what else.

    I thought it was a great discussion. And I wish that the “community” would take it upon itself to examine its own privileges and be better educated about depressing things like economic development, policy, livability, etc. But nah, let’s get sad because god forbid our “identity” as a bicyclist is denigrated for five seconds on AM radio.

  • Anne A

    In general, I agree with hopeyglass about Ben Joravsky generally doing solid journalism, which is an increasingly rare thing in this town. I also agree about how screwed up the system is at this point, and how bizarro it is to have someone like Ken Griffin donating a ton of money to create trail separation on the lakefront.

    That being said, I got a bit frustrated with Joravsky’s attitude in this piece. Dave Glowacz responded well. Joravsky could have asked more constructive questions, and it could have been a stronger piece without the snark.

    I think that people often feel caught between a rock and a hard place in our local elections, where we tend to have an 800 lb gorilla of a candidate with clout and/or $$$$ vs. 1 or 2 good candidates who have neither, and a bunch of wannabes.

    If we could get money out of politics, maybe we’d have something. Yeah, I know that’s an awfully big wish.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Anecdote upon anecdote. I’m going to perhaps ruffle feathers and go ahead and say I’ve never been very impressed by Joravsky. I put him in the (very large) bucket of “rendering the word progressive meaningless in Chicago”. Oversimplifying and misattributing is not useful journalism. I’ll stop here before I go into full on rant mode.

    ps – I was never a Daley supporter and did maybe support for Emmanuel wasn’t about him, but the quality of who he was running against? But sure, bikes is probably the real answer!


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