Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, April 12

  • Active Trans Has Been Meeting With Congressional Reps Asking Them to Fight Trump Budget
  • Naperville Police Wait 3 Days to Tell Media About Officer-Involved Crash That Killed Senior (Tribune)
  • Arrest Made After Sexual Assault on the Lakefront Trail at 35th Street (Tribune)
  • Police Say They Plan to Write More Traffic Tickets in Response to Jeff Park Gun Crimes (DNA)
  • City Colleges Discontinues Student Shuttle After Poor Ridership (Tribune)
  • Several North Side Bike Routes Are a Mess Due to Water Main Work (The Chainlink)
  • Metra Offers an “Early Getaway” Schedule for Good Friday This Week
  • Tower With 258 Units, 179 Car Spaces Permitted Near UIC Halsted Station (DNA)
  • Divvy Rolls Out Blackhawks Bikes in Time for NHL Playoffs (Time Out)
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Fire Hydrants — But Were Afraid to Ask (DNA)

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  • Actual comment to the DNA story about the LFT rape:

    “I hope this guy is prison for the rest of his life; but when are women going to quit running, walking, biking by themselves. This is a bad world, there are lots of bad people, you need to be smart!”

  • Anne A

    Wow! When will this kind of dinosaur attitude stop? Probably if/when rape culture stops. The idea that women shouldn’t have the same freedom as men to go out in public and do normal things is revolting.

  • Anne A

    Public transit makes our cities more productive and more economically viable. Amtrak service is a lifeline for many communities across the country and creates thousands of jobs directly and indirectly.

    In other countries with more robust public transit and intercity train systems, government support is critical to maintaining these systems at a level where they function well. They allow cities to function with a lot fewer private cars on the roads and occupying parking spaces, reducing the environmental footprint of those cities and allowing many residents to live without the burden of maintaining vehicles that aren’t in use most of the time.

  • Pat

    It’s the Trib’s comment section, what did you expect?

  • Jacob Wilson

    Suburban ‘boomers. I can’t think of a more brain dead, infuriating demographic.

  • Concobhar Mac Conmara

    I almost puked when I read that


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, September 2

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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

CDOT Rejects Foster Avenue Road Diet Proposal (DNA) Illinois Transportation Secretary Says State Road Funding Is Insufficient (Tribune) CTA Emails Survey to Riders About Their Seating Preferences (Tribune, Tattler) Winnnetka NIMBYs Oppose Creating Bike Routes on Their Streets (Tribune) Police Believe Report of Ranting Rider That Delayed Blue Line Was Unfounded (DNA) 3 Injured in […]

Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, November 16

CTA Expected to Pass Budget With No Fare Increases or Service Cuts Today (Tribune) Not Surprising: With Limited Hours, Lincoln Bus Pilot Has Low Ridership (DNA) At Least 4 People Injured After Police Chase Ends With a Crash in Gresham (Tribune) Trucker Pleads Guity to 5 Homicide Counts for 2014 Will County Crash (Tribune) A […]

Today’s Headlines

Driver Who Killed Bobby Cann Charged with Reckless Homicide (Tribune, Sun-Times, DNA) A Breakdown of the Charges Against Ryne San Hamel (Keating) Aldermen: Parking Meter Deal Reboot Would Net $360 Million for CPM (DNA) State Legislators Approve $3.4 Billion Elgin-O’Hare Toll Road (Tribune) Did Paris Do a Better Job Creating Equitable Bike-Share Than Chicago Will? […]