Today’s Headlines for Thursday, March 9

  • 41st Street Ped Bridge Project Put on Hold After IDOT Witholds $2M Contribution (Tribune)
  • Abandoned Parking Lot Next to N. Shore Channel Trail Will Be Turned Into a Park (DNA)
  • CTA Board Approves Extending the 31st Street Bus Pilot Another 6 Months (DNA)
  • Police Commander: It’s Getting More Common for Road Rage to Result in Gunfire (DNA)
  • Guzzardi Calls for Allowing Rent Control, Realtors Lobby Against It (Crain’s)
  • Divvy’s Place in the National Bike-Share Revolution (Vox)
  • Department of Finance Pledges More Enforcement of Bike Lane Violations (DNA)
  • On “A Day Without Women” Female CTA Workers Rallied for Better Conditions (ABC)
  • Driver Blows Stop Sign in Washington Park, Causing Multi-Vehicle Crash (NBC)
  • Metra MD-W Line Delayed After Wind Takes Down a Power Line in Elgin (Herald)
  • Why Aren’t Norridge and Harwood Heights Part of the City of Chicago? (DNA)

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  • More density, no socialism

    NYC rents are falling across the board due to increases in supply. Chicago needs more building, not restrictions and rent control.

    Social engineers like Will Guzzardi need to stay out of the way, history is not kind to them.

  • Chicago needs more building of multi-bedroom units, not aimed at the luxury market, too.

    Right now families needing three or more bedrooms are basically stuck with a dwindling supply of older apartment buildings, or buying a house.

  • The rubber curbs DC is using ( ) for their protected lanes look AWESOME.

    Could we get some in Chicago, to retrain drivers and protect our bollards? Emergency vehicles can drive over them if necessary, and we can take ’em up before plow season. I bet two or three summers with them will significantly change driver behavior, just from habituation.

  • Courtney

    I thought the same re: the rubber curbs.
    I also find riding my bike down 55th to be a pleasant experience due to the way their bike lanes are engineered.

  • planetshwoop

    It would be a good time to remind MWRD and the 50th Ald. that the park is nice, but a SAFE CROSSING over the river is critical too. The existing mega-kludge of going in reverse to cross at Lincoln is horrifying due to the streetlights on the sidewalk; the alternative of just continuing down Kedzie is also scary and unsafe.

    This should be a much bigger priority for the ATA than building a floating riverwalk — the monies existed and were blocked by Stone. Right now we have two great paths — that don’t connect.

    (And in my head I am writing the headline for John — “Bridge over Smelly Water” or “Like a Rolling Stone (Bridge)”


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Today’s Headlines for Thursday, October 6

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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s headlines for Friday, June 17

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Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, October 25

$100M McArthur Grant Could Fund Better Loop, Obama Library Transit (Crain’s) Man Who Ran Red in Milwaukee, Killing 3 Chicagoans, Had History of Drunk Driving (Fox) Woman Attacked While Walking to the Blue Line’s Cumberland Station (ABC) Active Trans Staffers Talk Frankly With TransitCenter About Transportation Challenges Active Trans Applauds Upgrades to Belmont Stop, Is […]