Today’s Headlines for Monday, December 12

Transit TIF could generate billions

  • DePaul Study: Legalize “Idaho Stop,” Some Red Light Running by Cyclists (Tribune)
  • Office of Financial Analysis: Transit TIF Could Generate $5 Billion Over 35 Years (ChiGov)
  • Teenage Boy Crashes Car, Dies Following Police Chase in West Garfield (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Skids in North Center, Backs Up, Critically Injures Woman, 62, in Crosswalk (DNA)
  • More Analysis of the North Lake Shore Drive Redesign Alternatives (BWLP)
  • Sterling Bay Purchases Finkl Steel Site, Wants to Extend The 606 There (Crain’s)
  • Transit Access Credited for Repopulation of Woodlawn by Young Black Families (DNA)
  • Truck Stuck in Viaduct for Hours Sparks New Complaints About Scrapyard (DNA)
  • My Block, My Hood, My City Shovels Walks for Elderly Residents (DNA)
  • Calculator Determines If You Should Save Your Car Parking Spot Via “Dibs” (Chicago)
  • Meeting on North Branch Corridor Modernization Project Tomorrow 6-9 PM

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  • Jeff Gio

    I do the same thing at Milwaukee-Damen-North intersection as the cyclist that was ticketed. I suppose now if I see a squad car I will dismount and walk my bike with the pedestrian signal..

  • Carter O’Brien

    Maybe not a wise move with a cop right next to you, but this is a ridiculously chaotic intersection, I can understand where the fella is coming from.

    Slightly different than using a crosswalk to advance through a 6-corner intersection, but I recall hearing a few years back that bikes were allowed to jump the
    red with a walk signal for safety reasons, am I imagining this?

  • Chicagoan

    Are the 313 parking spots at the upcoming Logan Square development down to the fact that Jewel and a to-be-named athletic club are going to be tenants?

    I feel like Jewel, Mariano’s, and Whole Foods aren’t likely to sign on to a development unless they secure a minimum amount of parking, whether it’s structured or surface.

    The design of big-box stores in Chicago has improved a lot recently, but some new developments still leave a bit to be desired.

  • Jeff Omiecinski

    If you are turning south on Damen I can understand running the red when Damen is green. For the people continuing on Milwaukee south I don’t get the desire to stop between Damen and North next to the curb. You have poor visibility of the traffic signal and the vehicular traffic on Damen. You can’t cross the entire intersection until Milwaukee has a green. It’s just shoaling. Every morning I pass a bunch of people there after waiting at the North/Milwaukee light. I just don’t get it…

  • johnaustingreenfield

    For those who don’t follow Bike Snob NYC, here’s info about “shoaling”:


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