Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, October 5

  • Sign Active TransPetition Urging the City to Take Steps to Prevent Truck Fatalities
  • Driver Dies After Crashing Into North Lawndale Building (Sun-Times)
  • Wife of Chicago Police Officer Found Guilty of DUI That Killed Her Friends (Tribune)
  • Kondrasheva Family Files Lawsuit Against Truck Driver and His Company (Tribune)
  • Keating Law Discusses Why the Trucker’s Actions in Kondrasheva Case Were Illegal
  • Tribune Readers Offer Ideas for Improving Bike Safety in Chicago
  • A Classic Bikelash Letter to the Tribune: “Let the Cars Have Their Streets Back”
  • Metra Is Tweaking the BNSF Line Schedule (Tribune)
  • How to Deal With Biohazards on the CTA (RedEye)
  • A Q & A About the CTA’s New Plastic Seats (Chicago Magazine)
  • Interesting (and Illegal) Photos of the Wilson Stop Under Construction (Chicagoist)

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  • Pat

    Only a few unhinged ideas from the Trib piece. Progress!

    – Ticket cyclists, yes, but also ticket dangerous drivers more often!
    – Reversing the flow for cyclists would be absolute chaos.
    – George Stamos is a mad man.
    – Front lights are already required by law.

  • Guy Ross

    Is there a single employee of the news office of the Tribune who rides a bike more than 3 times a month? If so, please put them in charge of anything bicycle related because what is coming out of their office currently is written by and for the 90% of Chicago residents who have no idea what they are talking about regarding these issues.

    It’s like a newsroom of ten men covering gender issues…

  • LOL @ the letter in the Trib; someone who is from Evanston complaining that Chicago’s streets are just for cars.

    The streets are not entirely funded with paltry gas tax revenues. I seem to recall hundreds of thousands of aldermanic menu funds that are used to pay for pothole repair (large vehicles, not bicycles, damage the roadways) and other things like traffic signals with turn arrows that help only people driving. How can we squash this myth that people with cars pay 100% for everyone’e streets?

  • Toddster

    Stereotyping the appearance and demographics of bikers…and drivers, only hurts the cause. Seniors, women, mothers, fathers, creative professionals, service industry workers, lawyers and bankers all bike and in increasingly large numbers.

  • Guy Ross

    Indeed but the Venn of ‘people who have ridden a bike in the last 15 years’ and ‘contributors to the Trib’ has no union. OBVIOUSLY! This was my point.

    I was hoping to get someone from Trib layup to chime in here because I rode in on Milwaukee a few years ago and chatted up a guy who did exactly that job there.