Today’s Headlines for Monday, September 19, 2016

  • Bicycling Magazine Names Chicago #1 Bike-Friendly City in Semi-Annual Contest (Tribune)
  • Comparing the Argyle Shared Street to Actual Asian Shared Streets (Transitized)
  • Some People Don’t Want Diverter Trial, Starting Today, if it Means More Car Traffic Elsewhere (Sun-Times)
  • Whose Idea Was the Diverter? DNAinfo Shares the Facts
  • North Branch Trail Extension’s First Section Will Open Wednesday (Tribune)
  • RTA Paying for Jefferson Park Transit Center Access and TOD Plan (DNAinfo)
  • Map Based on Dubious Rent Statistics Shows Prices by Location of CTA Stations (Chicagoist)

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  • Anne A

    The only way to see if something like the Manor/Wilson diverter is effective for its intended purpose is to test it. Hopefully the test period will provide enough useful data.

  • The “North Branch Trail Extension” story’s link does not go to the right Trib story.

  • Scroll down. There are 4 stories in this post.
    It looks like new transportation reporter Mary Wisniewski is doing what Hilkevitch did in his “Getting Around” column.

  • Chicagoan

    Nice to know the Times is aware of the detriment of the parking minimum.

    When I take the trash out, there’s an apartment building across the alley with around a dozen parking spots and there are never more than four cars in the stalls. Often times it’s one or two cars max. Those spots are a waste of space in a dense neighborhood and could’ve been more residential units.

  • JacobEPeters

    the article says that the trail will open on Wednesday, not Monday.

  • planetshwoop

    It’s there now! I posted pix to Twitter on #bikechi. There is a traffic counter at Giddings and Manor. From Wilson you can only go E-W, not turn on Manor. But can turn from Lawrence onto Manor…

  • fixed, thanks.


Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, August 2

More Coverage of Wrongful Death Lawsuit in the Ginny Murray Case (Tribune, DNA, CBS) After Confrontation, Motorist Drives Into Motorcyclists in Aurora (Tribune) Test of Manor Street Greenway Traffic Diverters Slated for September (DNA) Forbes Looks at Chicago Study of Ride-Share Vs. Transit Travel Times & Costs New Stoplight Light Planned for Ridge/Rogers/Touhy Intersection in Rogers Park […]

Today’s headlines for Friday, June 17

More Coverage of the Blaine Klingenberg Bike Fatality Case (Tribune, DNA) …And More Clueless Safety Preaching in the Mainstream Media (CBS) CTA Releases Final Designs for New 95th Street Terminal (DNA) Lincoln Ave. Bus Will Reboot on Monday — With Truncated Hours (DNA) Manor Ave. Neighborhood Greenway May Include Traffic Diverter (DNA) Green Line Arts Center Will […]

Today’s Headlines

CTA: Cutting Absenteeism Has Saved $10 Million (Sun-Times, Tribune, Daily Journal) Head of CTA Workers Union Disputes City’s Absenteeism Figures (NBC) Emanuel Decries $14 Million Reduction in State Subsidy for Reduced Fares (Sun-Times) Another Metra Board Member Resigns in Wake of Scandal (Tribune, NBC) Family Mourns Boy Killed on Bicycle Near Arlington Heights (Tribune) Argyle […]

Today’s Headlines for Monday, March 21

Little Village Paseo Plan Expanded to a 4-Mile Trail Connecting With Pilsen (Sun-Times) Emanuel Wants to Widen Lakefront Between 51st & 31st, Ohio & Fullerton (Tribune) How to Organize a Walk Audit (Active Trans) Evanston Will Add Bike Racks to CTA & Metra’s Chicago Avenue-Main Street stations (Tribune) Residents Continue to Gripe Because 14 Cars […]

Today’s Headlines

Suburban Cop Caught on Video Playing Video Poker While Driving in Snow (Tribune) Days After Last Snowfall, Many Streets Haven’t Been Plowed (RedEye) IDOT Says State Highways Are Recovering From the Deep-Freeze (Expired Meter) Metra Still Experiencing Switching, Mechanical Problems (Tribune, Sun-Times) After Chiberia Hiatus, Divvy Is Back Online (NBC, RedEye) With Many Pay Boxes […]

Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, September 13

Aldermen Approve Plan to Correct “Procedural Errors” With Red Light Tickets (Sun-Times) Bridgeport Alliance Releases Video on the Struggle to Win 31st Street Bus Pilot (DNA) RTA-Funded Study Suggests Evanston Could Relax Parking Requirements at TODs (Tribune) The Tribune Looks at the Argyle Shared Street’s Learning Curve Kamin Looks at Riverline Development’s Potential to Boost Riverfront […]